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Hairstyles: Best Styles For Women With Long Faces

Different faces require different hairstyles. If you have a long face, here are some of the best styles for you:

Short styles

The good side with short styles is that they have waves and jagged layers that add fullness around your face thus making your appear wider. When planning of putting the short style you should always add bangs in order to hide some of the forehead thus making your face appear shorter.

For a stylish look, you should consider designing the bangs to your desired style. You can also put the bangs to the side.

Medium-length styles

Medium length style is one that is 1-2 inches below the shoulder length style. For ideal results you should add layers to the hair so that it can make your face appear fuller. You should never style your hair to be sleek straight as this will compliment your facial shape and make you appear longer than usual.

Instead of straightening your hair you should take one inch sections of your hair and twist them in order to create waves.

Longer styles

While it’s not recommended to go for longer hairstyles when you have a long face, you can add some layers to the hair. Adding layers aids in helping you to take some weight off of the style to boost the fullness of your face and as a result give your face a shorter appeal. You can also add bangs to the hair in order to increase the illusion of a shorter face.

Styled hair

Styling your hair aids in adding the fullness of your hair thus making your face appear full. Some of the best products to use in styling your hair are collagen products. Collagen products add collagen bonds to your individual hair strands thus giving you a lift.

While the products are great in styling your hair, you should be cautious of where you buy them from. As rule of thumb you should ensure that you buy them only from reputable stores.

Parted hair

To have a shorter face, you should part your hair to one side. You should never part the hair down the middle as this will give you a narrow face thus making you face appear longer. A side part will make you appear fuller thus look elegant.


These are some of the best hair styles for people with long faces. For a perfect look, you should get your hair done by a professional stylist.

Duncan Lancer