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Hair Coloring Advice & Taking Care of Colored Hairs

Making your hair color last longer than they do now does not just intend on saving money when you get your next hair color, which definitely is a perk; however it also ensures a great look for your hair with a lot less damage. Using a natural hair color with no or less ammonia is definitely recommended, however, what if you could delay the next routine coloring for a little longer and still have gorgeous hair? Getting best of both the worlds is indeed possible, if only you have the right hair color product and the right approach, before and after using it.

So let us tell you more on how to make the color of your color treated hair last longer than they do now. The whole idea has been split in two parts, the former talks about the measures and knowledge you should have before coloring your hair, while the later talks about some simple precautions that could ensure a long lasting hair color.

Tips for before you color your hair:

  • Color treated hair do not require special products:

The first thing that you need to know is the fact that there is no such special shampoo or conditioner on the racks of any shop that goes out of its way to ensure your hair color remains intact. The fact is any shampoo or conditioner claiming to be mild enough to take care of your color treated hair, is just a marketing strategy, while the truth is, all shampoos and conditioners on the racks of shops these days are mild enough to do the trick that these special products claim to be good at performing.

  • Shampoo a day before you color:

The one very commonly known trick almost every hair stylist is known to have had under their sleeves all these years, is the fact that, you must wash your hair a day before you color them. Neither on the day you color them nor a week before. This lets your hair oil work the magic that they are good at and thus ensure the color sticks to each of the hair strands, thus ensuring the color lasts longer, without leaving patches.

  • Deep condition them a week before:

The other trick that has been known to work miracles for a strong hair color ensuring it lasts longer than the others did, is deep conditioning your hair about a week before the color. use the conditioner that you like. The basic idea is to ensure that the hair strands are made a good adapter of for the color.

Tips for after you color your hair:

  • Use hat when you go out:

Once you have colored your hair the next step is to ensure that you take good care of your hair and the color that it wears. Sun is one of the most damaging agents that are bound to burn the color off of your hair, if you keep your hair exposed to direct sun for too long. A simple way of saving your hair from the heats of direct sun is to ensure that you wear a hat or a cap or even a scarf would do, as long as you keep it wrapped around your hair whenever you step out of the comfort of your buildings.

  • Use shower caps in the bath:

With all the benefits that water is known to offer, it is also known as one of the strongest degrading agents that can degrade or wash off anything. If you have trouble believing me, have a look at the rocks that you find on the beds of a river or the sand on a beach, each particle of the sand or the rocks sing the tales of how they turned from big mountain or hill boulders to these tiny pieces.

The whole idea behind the above scary tale is to ensure that you know the simple little detail that water never spares anyone in its way. And the color you just had is no exception, so ensure you keep the idea of washing your hair to the minimum possible. You can use dry shampoo as an alternate to washing your hair. It is known to be very effective.  You would also better avoid swimming for a few days.

  • Prefer cold water, when you have to wash them:

Now, using dry shampoo or anything as such might delay the need to wash your hair, however, washing them at some point of time will end up being highly important to ensure the basic hygiene of the hair. So, when it becomes completely unavoidable, ensure you use cold water, no hot water, no lukewarm, just plain cold. This will ensure the fading process of the hair is reduced to the minimum.

The above simple points if kept in mind can ensure that you do not have to worry about frequent touchups to ensure the hair color remains good enough for you. If you cannot take cold water, something between lukewarm and plain cold water could also do, however make sure you keep it to the colder side if you intend to keep the color of your hair intact for a little longer than usual.