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Gel-Nails | A Perfect Selection for Those Delicate Fingers!

Leading a healthy lifestyle and portraying a charming personality today requires one to be well groomed right from head to toe. Quite often many of us spend huge amount of money on skin care and hair care products, with little thought on fingernails and toenails. Nail care plays a very crucial role in not only maintaining healthy nails but also in adding a tinge of cosmetic beauty that can attract the attention of many. With the fashion statement changing and women taking on a more sophisticated role, its time to look at nail care alternatives that are quick and easy and at the same time give your nails a natural healthy look and feel.

The current nail care trend has inclined more towards artificial nails that have become a great choice if your finger or toe nails are prone to breaking and chipping often. Artificial nails come in different varieties like gel nails (a very popular choice), acrylic nails, wrap nails, and solar nails. However, it is important that you take into consideration your lifestyle and your personality when opting for fake nails.

Gel-Nails today have become a growing fashion trend as they are fun to use and wear and a great way of expressing your persona. They come in 2 categories: light cured and without-light gels. Gel-Nails are formed of a pre mix liquid chemical gel that is applied on the nail and then set under a UV lamp to cure the nails to shape and size them as desired. Conversely, the non UV gels do not require a UV light to cure the nails and are cured with an additional chemical gel activator which is sprayed onto the nails.

Gel-Nails is a leading manufacturer and supplier for gel nail products worldwide and brings in novel nail beautifying products not just to enhance your nail beauty at affordable prices but also to take advantage of high quality nail gels shipped to your doorstep. We are just a few clicks away to have products delivered across the globe, no matter where you stay. Gel-Nails offer a wide selection of gel nail products and accessories that give your nails a sophisticated and sleek look like natural nails. We offer the perfect Gel-Nail solutions to help your nail tips and toes look more gorgeous. Gel-Nails products let you discover the difference in the variety and quality which is not only superior to and matchless with other brands but also a perfect choice to fit any budget. We have a wide assortment of gel-nails, nail art accessories, gel nail kits, 3D nail stickers and much more to make it a wholesome nail care shopping experience for you.

Gel-Nails have constantly been introducing new products in the nail care industry and you can look out for the following attractions and best sellers that we have:

Nail Gels  an absolute delight to flaunt off your nails at any occasion UV pure color nail gels, UV pearly nail gels, UV glitter nail gels, UV pastel nail gels, UV neon nail gels, UV metallic nail gels, UV summer nail gels, easy off gels, overlay builder nail gels, and much more to delight you.

Gel Nail Kits  these are a perfect choice to beautify your nails anytime and anywhere. You can now create an artistic design on you nail for as low as $98.99 with our full fledged nail kits. Nail Art Accessories  these are the all time favorites as they enhance the overall appearance of the nail giving it a look that you want. It could be those bouncy beads and crushed shells or the glitter flakes and powder at $11.99 only to get you going on cool occasions. You can also try out our Fimo Fruit pieces  strawberry, lemon, kiwi, lime, apple and watermelon to adorn your nails.

3D Nail Stickers  if you are looking out for a new dimension to decorate you nails, then its time to get these stick-on 3D nail stickers. These come in different designs, textures, and patterns and are easy and quick to apply – a great choice for decorating your nails .

Supportive Accessories  these are a must have for a complete nail care solution. Accessories like UV lamps, nail tips, gel brushes, buffers, nail drill bits, cuticle oil, cuticle pushers, etc. are additional products that add the finishing touch to your nail care, and therefore, get them for a complete nail care system.

If you have been thinking of the best alternative to nail care or a solution for broken nails, then it is the time to watch out for Gel-Nails at our store that go along with any occasion and can be used anytime when you yearn for instant beautiful nails. If you are one of those who fancies going to nail salons for your nail care, then what can be best than asking your nail salon specialist to give you that perfect look and feel with our Gel-Nails that can be readily shipped to them. So dress up your nails now and redefine your fashion statement with Gel-Nails.