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Fur Coats: Fabulous to Funky

Women are hoping for cold weather this year so they can sport the hot new styles in outerwear. Long coats, vests, and jackets are showing up on runways and streets on women who want to stand out above the crowd and express their flair for design. Fur coats, leather jackets, woven knits and wool are all very traditional outerwear, but they’ve been given a more modern twist lately. The demand for the ever-popular jungle prints such as cheetah and zebra has called for coordinating jackets like leather with fur trimmed collars and vests made of exotic animal pelts. Classic styles from the days of old Hollywood are making a comeback, with pieces such as palazzo pants, silk peasant blouses and sweetheart necklines. The most gorgeous outerwear is required for this style, including elegant full-length pieces and wool jackets lined in silk.

Young ladies who are wearing vintage clothing today go for either the old Hollywood style or 80s inspired fashion. They’re bringing the neon styles from that decade into the modern day by wearing funky fur coats such as those dyed in bright colors. The ones that are being worn by the younger crowd are exotic sometimes, coming from Mongolian lamb or other more knotted, less traditional animals. Leather has never gone out of style with them, but they’re updating the trend by using leather trim on wools or knits and animal trim on leather jackets. The main goal seems to be to stick to traditional fashion by using timeless fabrics as a base but give them a modern look with new trim. Vintage fur coats are an excellent choice for ladies who may not be ready to purchase a full-length pelt but can afford this less expensive option and still get the quality they desire.

Whether purchasing vintage or new, outerwear should be looked upon as an investment. With so many options for fabrics and styles, it’s difficult to decide on a timeless piece that will suit the fashion trends as they come and go. The best way to choose a coat or jacket to last for years is to consider something that is stylish but can be changed in the future to incorporate elements that are in fashion at that time. For instance, if you choose a full-length wool coat, the collar can be taken off and updated with velvet, fur, or another color to make the coat look like new. Or if leather is your preference, you should go for something with less trim or buckles and add these later as they come back in style. It’s also important to protect your investment by storing your fur coats at a dealer or certified storage location.

No matter what the trends, women look forward to cold weather to sport their fashionable coats. Of all the pieces of their outfits, outerwear is a must for form as well as function. Staying warm and looking great can come together while following trends and keeping with tradition.

Andrew Stratton