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Five Reasons You Will Love Designer Bags

Luxury bags have fascinated women since as long as anyone can remember. But what is it about the bags that make them so special? Why would you love having a designer bag? If you have still not been bitten by the ‘I love designer handbags’ bug, here are five things that you should know about these bags.

1. It is your glamour quick-fix

Have to go to a party but don’t have a new dress? Worried that someone will remember that the dress you are wearing is the same one that you wore seven months ago to the gala dinner? Don’t worry – an eloquent bag to the rescue. Strap on some high heels, put on your best makeup and keep accessories to a minimum. Let your bag be the star of the show. Let it become the talking point of the party.

2. It is your Aladdin’s lamp

Does your colleague have a headache? Take out pills from the handbag. Oops, do you have a coffee spill on your dress? Take out tissues from the handbag. Is your phone running out of battery? Take out the charger from the handbag. Are you going for a party after work? You can always put on a dash of makeup by taking it from the handbag. Your exquisite handbag carries around your entire world with you, and does so with panache.

3. It is a solid investment

While making a big investment in life and spending a large amount of money at one go, you often wonder whether it is the right thing to do, and whether you will regret it later. This is never an issue with a fashion handbag. Once you research well enough and buy a handbag that is worth your money, you will never regret the purchase. It can become your signature piece. It is not like designer clothes or shoes – you don’t have to wear it just once and then wait for months to be able to use it again. The handbag can be used at many different functions and occasions. You will continue to get positive comments from your friends and associates about your fine taste in handbags.

4. Novelty

Nothing irritates a woman more than to see another woman wearing the same shirt or shoes or bag as her. With luxury bags, this possibility is almost zero.

5. Craftsmanship

Attention to detail, use of the most superior materials and durability are things you can expect from an eloquent bag. These characteristics are not often seen in mass-produced, less expensive bags.

Jewell Eleanor