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Exotic Wallets For Women

Wallets have been a necessary accessory for a woman for a long time. It has passed through many new and elegant designs and materials; however, leather has been the perfect material for wallets for women. The reason is that leather creates a great contrast effect with cloths with different colors. Leather wallets come in many different colors. If you search a little bit, you will find a perfect match for your elegant dress, a perfect wallet, which will increase your charm. Nowadays, women’s wallets come in many different and modernized designs; however, some women still prefer the retro designs.

Let’s discuss some of the designs of wallets for women.

Bi-fold wallets: Bi-fold simply means that the wallet has only two sides and it opens like a book. It has multiple pockets in it, in which you can put your money, your credit cards, visiting cards and your documents. This wallet is easily manageable than other types of wallet. Most of the women prefer this wallet design.

Tri-fold wallets: It has more space to put your stuff than the bi-fold wallet types. It does not take much space like Bi-fold wallet, because it has three sides and it opens like a brochure, one side goes in the middle and one side goes on the top and the side of the wallet, which is on the top, has a chain or a rivet button to keep it all together.

There are size options available in both Tri and Bi-fold wallets. You can choose a size as per your requirements.

Credit card wallets: Credit card has been in the market and helping many around the world from last 50 years. Some people hold more than one credit cards, because plastic money is more manageable than the paper money. You can hold a big amount in just one plastic card, but when you have more than one credit card, managing those is also necessary. Credit card wallets help you manage your credit cards in one place.

Clutch Wallets: The most safer wallet design. You will not drop a single penny from these wallets, and the reason is its unique design. It opens from the top and gravity holds all your stuff in the bottom and it holds and manages a good amount of objects.

Wristlets: Tiny, yet really useful. It can hold your valuables easily. The new designs have a new pocket, where you can put your cell phone. Same as clutch wallets, it opens from the top and it has a new feature as well. It has a ribbon on one of the corners, which your tie on your wrists, that is why it is called wristlets. This ribbon keeps the wallet safe.

Adele Agatha