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Essential Tips To Keep In Mind To Make Perfect Chocolate Mousse All The Time

Chocolate mousse ranks as one of the top desserts of people who have a sweet tooth everywhere in the world. Due to its light, soft and creamy texture, you can’t help yourself from being addicted to this luscious sweet treat.

What also makes this chocolate dessert popular is the fact that this sweet dish is quite easy to make. You don’t need a lot of ingredients if you’re making a basic mousse. There are also some chocolate mousse recipes that only require two ingredients. In addition, making this dish is not too complicated and painstaking as well.

Although they are basically easy to make, you can still find yourself failing at making the most delicious and perfect chocolate mousse. You may come up with a thin chocolate product that doesn’t even resemble a chocolate mouse or any appealing sweet dish. To make sure that you always make the most gorgeous and delectable chocolate mousse, bear in mind the following tips:

• Always properly separate the eggs. When separating the eggs, begin by cracking one egg and holding it upright so that the crack runs horizontally across the middle of the egg. Carefully lift off the top eggshell and shake the shell contents back and forth until the white is entirely on one side of the shell and the yellow is on the other. After doing this, pour the contents of each side of the shell into the bowl. If the yolk breaks while you’re separating the eggs, don’t use them for the mouse. Don’t allow even a tiny amount of egg yolk to slip in with the whites so that you can get the lightest and airiest results for this sweet dish.

• To create smoother and creamier chocolate for the mouse, use the “brain marie” technique. This means you have to melt the chocolate in a double boiler or in metal bowl placed over a saucepan that contains simmering water.

• Always use well cleaned and dried bowls and beaters when making this dessert. Any impurities on your preparation and cooking tools will prevent the egg whites from peaking properly, which results in a heavy rather than light mousse.

• When you’ve beaten the eggs into soft peaks, you have to fold them into the rest of the ingredients. To do this, slide a wooden spoon or plastic spatula along the bottom of the bowl and lift the contents up while keeping the spoon or spatula horizontal. Doing the opposite or stirring the ingredients together will result in the eggs will lose all their air bubbles and the mousse won’t come out light and airy.

• Lastly, if the chocolate mousse recipe you are following requires some dissolve sugar, most pastry chef recommend using powdered or confectioners’ sugar since they add more texture and give a more pronounced taste to this sweet dish.

Allan Patton