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Eating Clean Whole Food Can Improve Your Mental and Physical Health

Today, doctors frequently prescribe an anti-depressant to control mood and to help people get through the day. A conversation about food and eating and drugs and all those important aspects of living that can truly make or break your day, days and your life is a really important one to have.

I recently spoke with a client who told me she had consulted a while back with a nutritionist in an effort to learn how to eat to feel better and lose some weight. She ended up so confused, she didn’t know what to do. She stopped eating entirely and was subsequently treated for anorexia…

It’s this confusion, and the struggle it creates for people, that spurs me onward to share my journey from depressed to feeling great most days… and to losing weight without dieting. People need to understand how to use food as their medicine. They need to learn how to use it to heal and support a healthy body rather than allowing addictive processed foods loaded with simple carbohydrates, sugars, preservatives and more to wreak havoc on their bodies.

Cleansing your system of processed foods, sugar and gluten can, for many people, support a healthier weight and a more level mental mood.

In this journey, it’s important to remember that no matter how you’re eating or what you’re taking to improve your mood, you won’t feel fantastic every day. That’s just not realistic. I’m afraid we are a society of quick-fixers and people who want instant gratification.

What you want to achieve is good to great most days, and I can tell you, it’s very doable. Many people are discovering, it’s doable without drugs.

If you’re confused about what to eat and where to begin, I suggest you begin by purging your pantry, your refrigerator and your freezer. Go through them and get rid of anything with preservatives, anything processed, anything with msg and “natural flavors” (which is often code a whole host of ingredients you want to avoid, including msg), anything with canola oil, etc.

You don’t want to have as a food ingredient anything that you can’t pronounce and anything with a mile long list of ingredients. In fact, you don’t want more than 3-5 ingredients in anything you eat.

Use the following as you work toward changing how you eat to feel better and be healthier:

· Don’t eat anything with more than 5 ingredients

· Don’t eat anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food

· Don’t eat anything that won’t eventually rot.

Cheryl Major