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Duration of Alcohol in the Human Body System

Alcohol is taken during special occasions, weekend parties, leisure trips, fun events etc. Driving under the influence of alcohol not only leads to accident but can also pave the way to penalty if caught by the law enforcement agencies.  Driver behind the wheels must be stable and BAC level has to be less than the prescribed level. If the level of alcohol is higher, then it is better to avoid driving and can ask someone to drive the car.

There are various factors that determine the duration of alcohol in the circulatory system.

When alcohol is taken by a person various chemical reactions takes place inside the body. Normal rate at which alcohol burns in the body is .016 BAC per hour. A normal male has to take more than 5 drinks within an hour for the BAC level to reach .08 however a female just needs less than 3 drinks for the BAC to reach the same level.

Size and Gender

Size and gender also plays a vital role in the rate at which the alcohol is absorbed into the body. A normal male would require more amount of alcohol to be consumed when compared with a female. Even if a female drinks a low amount of alcohol the BAC level shoots up immediately. Moreover the weight of the body also plays a key role in determining the level of alcohol getting absorbed by the body. Needless to say men are usually heavier than women. For instance, if 2 drinks of alcohol are taken, it takes 30 minutes to reach a specified level however in women the same amount would reach that level within 15 minutes. Alcohol breath tester can find the exact amount of alcohol in blood.

 Excess body fat and muscles

Fat normally does not absorb alcohol as fast as the lean muscle does. In an obese person with excess amount of fat it would take more time for the alcohol to get absorbed completely into the body.

Drinking on empty stomach

The rate of absorption would be higher when alcohol is taken on an empty stomach. Moreover drinking alcohol without any food on stomach would easily irritate the intestine lining and erodes it completely. If you eat high protein foods while drinking then the rate of absorption would be delayed. Foods like Tofu, cheese, roasted turkey, and other foods rich in protein delays the alcohol level shooting in blood.

Health issues

Persons suffering from illness like diabetes, hypertension and other conditions have a dehydrated body. The amount of alcohol getting eliminated by the liver also becomes less efficient and thereby increases the amount of time for the alcohol to be absorbed completely into the body. Personal alcohol breath tester can be used in home to measure the alcohol content exactly.

Vikram Raj