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Dalaman: Guide to a Top Turkish Holiday Destination

Turkey is a very popular holiday destination for tourists, and its popularity is growing all the time. It’s no surprise really: the country boasts an excellent climate, a fascinating history and a huge range of attractions.

But where should you go, and where is the best place to arrive for your airport transfers? Dalaman is a great option on all counts and its airport is the gateway to the entire region. Here is a brief guide.


The town is located in a district that also shares the name on the southwest coast of Turkey. As mentioned, it is home to an international airport, making it a popular place to pick up convenient airport transfers. Dalaman is very easy to access, and there are many other resorts nearby that you can get to with ease – including Marmaris and Dalyan.

Getting There

This is the main international airport in the region, and the best way to arrive in the country. If you are planning to spend your holiday in one of the nearby resorts, you will find it a breeze to arrange airport transfers. Dalaman town centre is just a few kilometres from the airport, so you will arrive at your base in no time.

Things to See and Do

There are plenty of things to do in the town and the surrounding area. You can visit Saklikent Gorge, a 17-mile-long gorge popular with adventure day trippers – but be warned, you’ll have to enjoy climbing waterfalls and getting very wet! For something more relaxing, go on a day trip to the Mud Baths of Dalyan. These famous baths are one of the biggest attractions in Turkey, and you can relax in the warm mud and enjoy the healing properties it has for various skin conditions.

For some fun in the sun, one of the best nearby beaches is Patara Beach, a nine-mile strip of sand that you will have virtually to yourself. The sand is soft, the water shallow and there are even the remains of ancient Roman ruins to explore in the sand dunes.

You could also head to Kekova and see the underwater town of Dolchiste, which sank following an earthquake. Hire a canoe and float above it, gazing down at the ancient streets – it’s an amazing experience.

Enjoy the Turkish Culture and Cuisine

A holiday in this region is a great opportunity to discover more about Turkish culture and cuisine. In particular, one thing to look out for is the traditional Turkish dances. These are important all over the country, and there are various folk dances to observe – with the Horon being one of the most popular.

Coffee and tea play a big role in the culture. As you may know, Turkish coffee is quite different from the coffee we normally drink. It is cooked slowly in a copper pot – and you will find it is very, very strong! Tea, called ‘çay’, is normally served in a glass and topped up as fast as you drink it. You will likely be offered tea if you visit a local home or shop.

As for food, you will eat well when you stay here! Enjoy meze, which is a bit like tapas, consisting of various small dishes. It’s served between lunch and dinner to keep hunger at bay, and also serves as a social occasion. Also look out for Turkey’s famous kebabs, stuffed aubergine and the delicious Midye dolma, which are mussels stuffed with rice.

There are few more fascinating places to visit than this beautiful region. If you are planning airport transfers, Dalaman is likely the place you will arrive. Whether you stay in the town or travel to one of the surrounding resorts you won’t be disappointed.

Lukas Johannes