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Cake Preparation and Decoration Tips for Home Cooks

If baking is your passion, we have a few tips to help you in creating a wonderfully tasking and perfectly executed cake every time you make one at home for special occasions or gatherings with friends.

Decorating with fondant

A smooth fondant covering is not such as tall order as some home cooks may surmise. It is possible to create a surface that is free from bubbles of wrinkles even if it is your first time to use rolled fondant. As long as you follow the instructions in kneading and rolling out fondant all the steps that follow will be easy for you. The secret is to use fondant that is adequately flexible. As soon as the cake is covered with butter cream icing, you may start laying out the fondant. However, it should be in the right consistency. For instance, if it is still quite sticky, knead confectioner’s sugar into it and work until it’s “just right.” If the fondant is ready, you can lift it over, lay it on the surface of the cake you have baked, and shape it to the sides with a smoother. The smoother will ensure that there are no air bubbles. A sharp knife of a spatula can be used to trim off any excess at the bottom border. As soon as the cover is in place, you can proceed with the rest of the decoration. Remember to dust the working surface with confectioner’s sugar so that the fondant won’t stick of clump.

Constructing and decorating cake stands

The most important factor that influences the cake stand you will prepare is the size of the cake. Generally, the tier size must be less than two inches compared to the cake plate. The plate must fit into the stand. Ensure that the plates fit perfectly before moving onto the next stage. The key to a successful cake stand preparation session is to decorate each cake tier on separator plates. The plate surface must be resting stably on the bars, so check that the feet of the separator plate is securely placed inside the cake stand bars. Assemble the cake carefully and check that the table assigned for the cake stand is secure as well.

Cake storage tips

After working hard on baking, constructing, and decorating your cake, you’d want to make sure that it is kept safe and secure until the time to unveil it comes. Your labor of love deserves extra care and attention, especially if you made it as a surprise for the special people in your life. First, place the cake within a box that is the right size. This is the cake’s first line of defense. Second, keep the cake in a storage area that is cool and far away from a heat source. The heat can cause the decoration and icing to melt into a pool of goo. Third, check the humidity and make requisite adjustments during baking and decorating to make up for the humid environment. Generally, in humid territories, additional meringue powder is placed in the mixture, less liquid is used, and pure cane confectioner’s sugar is a must in the recipe.

Jim Gilbertson