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Blue Nail Polish Is More Versatile Than You Think

If you have rejected the notion of wearing blue nail polish in the past, it’s time to reassess your position. Although blue nails were once associated with edginess, these days even corporate executives are pulling off blue nails and still getting respect from others. Non-traditional nail polish is slowly pervading the mainstream and soon colors like blue, green, and purple will be just as common as red and pink.

If you are conservative, your first foray into the world of blue nails should be a muted shade. Save the glitzy bright blues for once you are more comfortable. The best colors to start out with are very light pastel blues. These colors are particularly appropriate in the spring time. Although you can wear light blues any time of year, especially in warmer climates, they have a special appeal once winter wraps up to a close. Some of these soft blue colors are white-based, which is a great way to ease yourself into blue nails.

For every day wear, medium blues are flattering on most people. If you have cooler skin, any type of blue works but if your skin tone is warm or olive, you might want to go with a more yellow-based blue. Metallic blues aren’t just for rock concerts. They’re also fun for New Year’s and winter time.

If you are the daring type, then the boldest shades of blue are made for you. Some blue nail polish is packed with blue glitter. Glitter polish is popular with pre-teens but any age can pull it off if you have the personality to match. Holographic blue polish is also a lot of fun. Keep in mind that these colors look best on shorter to medium length nails. Long nails with sparkly blue polish can start to look garish pretty quickly so unless it’s Halloween, stay away from these shades if your nails are especially long.

One thing to remember when you paint your nails blue is to use a good base coat, especially if you are going for darker shades. That’s because darker colors can actually stain your nails if you don’t put a protective layer of base coat in between your nails and the paint. Some base coats also help fill in ridges on your nails, which gives a more even application. This is really useful with darker colors because they tend to draw attention to flaws in your nails. A top coat is also essential because chips are very obvious when you’re not wearing neutral shades. If the blue on your nails ends up too intense for your tastes, you can always layer a sheer neutral shade over top to help tone it down a bit.

Don’t shy away from blue nail polish. There are so many different shades available that you should be able to find something you can pull off pretty easily. You can also experiment with different shades on your toes, where they are less visible to others, if you work in a conservative workplace.

Anna K. Linden