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Best ways to quit smoking

Best Ways To Quit Smoking

Quitting is never an easy thing to do. That is why so many individuals try to do it several times before they actually succeed. However, quitting smoking is not impossible. First, all you need is an objective in mind, then put cigarettes and smoking triggers out of your reach, and finally, the help of some medicines and smoking aids.

Here are a few ways to that can guarantee quitting smoking:

  • Make it your decision-make sure you are ready to quit. Do not let other people push you towards quitting. The decision to quit must be from you. It is proven that those who truly want to quit are the ones who end up truly successful. Those who were never ready to start quitting are the ones who find more challenges in their ‘quitting journey’.
  • Make it appropriate for you to quit- get rid of all possible triggers. Make sure you place yourself in an environment that does not encourage you to smoke.Throw away all your ashtrays and lighters. All these act as small reminders that can make you crave your cigarettes. They should be out of the way.
  • Do not avoid medication- most people never quit until they start taking medicine. If one finds that they have tried all modes of quitting and medicine is the only option left, they could try it. However, it is important to try those medications that are healthy and safe. Those that will not cause side effects that are too severe as individuals will already be experiencing withdrawal symptoms.
  • One should consider exercising more- When a person decides to quit smoking, exercise has been proven to help. Not only is exercise is a healthy substitute to smoking but it can also take your mind off your smoking cravings.It can help boost your mood and increase your energy level. It is a good distraction as it keeps you occupied and is safe. In addition, it can help keep you shed extra weight. For beginners, a simple walk is all it can take. If this proves not to be enough, one can follow by jogging and going to the gym. These are activities one can take up with their friends and their support group.
  • Do not give up-Most people who start quitting almost always end up failing at this. However, best ways to quit smoking gets easier with much practice. Every single time one tries to quit, it improves your chances of quitting for good. Experts say so. Most individuals who have totally quit smoking had to try many times before they could actually acquire results. Clinical studies show that this is absolutely normal. The key is to never give up.
  • Pick a quit date-Choose a date by which you will have stopped smoking completely. One should start by making a quit date that is within a short period of time for example, one within two weeks. Once you have had success, choose the next quit date over a long period of time and so on.  One has to mark it on their calendar, write it down in their diary or talk about it to a friend. It is also important to reward yourself every time you achieve success as this is a motivating factor also.

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