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Are Pizzas a Healthy Option or Not

Pizza remains to be a favorite food for people of all ages and it is the best choice for lunch or breakfast.  Pizza fits almost any occasion, be it is a birthday party or a get together in the evening you can have different varieties of pizza. Occasionally having a pizza is okay, however if you are going to have it on a regular basis then you must reconsider it and change it into a healthy option. It can be easily turned into a balanced diet by avoiding the use of refined flour, and also stay away from excess oil that makes it greasy and meat.

Avoid excess fat and calories

Most of the commercial pizzas are available in frozen type. A normal pizza slice contains about 250 to 350 calories and the amount of calories varies depends upon the size of the pizza. The amount of fat present in a normal pizza is usually around 10 to 20g and this would vary based upon toppings. In case if the pizza is stuffed with sausage and cheese, then the pizza may contain more than 500 calories and the amount of fat may run beyond 27g per slice. Gourmet pizzas are very high in calories and they usually contain more than 1400 calories and a fat content beyond 30g per each piece.

Needless to say, eating too much of calories can increase the weight of the body and lead to obesity. In the long run it can cause various cardiovascular problems, fatty liver and various other diseases. If you want to take it on a regular basis, then you can use vegetables as toppings, also try to reduce the amount of cheese used in the pizza and make it as a healthier one.

Excess Sodium

Pizzas which are available commercially or the one available in restaurants are high in sodium content. A normal sized pizza usually contains about 600 to 800mg of sodium and if the size is large more the amount of sodium will be present. Based upon a recent research conducted, daily intake of sodium must be less than 1500 mg to stay healthy. Intake of sodium in high amount can lead to high blood pressure and water retention in body. Pizzas can be used as a regular food by reducing the amount of salt used in it.

Healthy Options

When you order pizza , ask for extra vegetable toppings, as it is rich in fiber it is best for colon and stomach. Also order for less cheese and opt for thin crust to reduce refined white flours. Try to avoid refined flour always as it can spike the blood sugar level in blood.