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Amazing Skin Care Tips

For every woman, it is important to look beautiful and have a healthy skin. A healthy skin makes a beautiful you. Everybody struggles to find the right type of skin care regime. It is every woman’s desire to use the Best Skin Care Products that are available in the market.  Here is a little help with the application of these products in a way that will work wonders on your skin.

There are certain things that most women overlook and this should help you out.

Use a mist moisturizer: When you use a mist on your face, you must use a moisturizer thereafter. This is recommended because when you spritz, the water evaporates on your face and creates dryness. If you cannot do both the things, then even better, use a mist moisturizer.

Apply a sun block with a sponge: If you find your sunscreen too sticky then apply it using a sponge. This will help it to penetrate your skin.

Avoid excess drinking: More than one glass of alcohol in the day makes your skin produce more oil and enlarges pores. The same goes with lack of sleep. So do not drink much and get your beauty sleep.

Cleansing: If you wear too much makeup, cleanse your face twice. Use a gentle cleanser first to get rid of the makeup. Then use a hydrating cleanser for soothing your skin.

DIY: The next time you have a big pimple, try this home remedy. Repeat cycles of hot compresses and then apply a little of 1 percent hydrocortisone cream. You can find one from the best skin care products on the internet. You have to keep it on for two hours. This will deflate your bump and is as good as getting a shot of hydrocortisone.

Thin then thick: For your products to penetrate your skin well, use the lighter products first and then cake it off with the heavier formulas. For example, in the mornings, you can apply an antioxidant serum first, then a moisturizer and lastly apply the sun block.

Stress release: Stress increases the formulation of cortisol that is responsible for causing acne. Therefore, it is extremely important that you take the time out to cool down. The less stress you take, the more you will be lightened up.

Getting wrinkles: Anti-aging creams that use retinol or glycolic acid leaves your skin scaly. For best results, try using a facial scrub once every week that will easily remove your dead skin cells.

Cover your tattoo: With a highly pigmented foundation, you can cover your tattoo when you do not want to display it.

You can shop for makeup kits and all beauty products like a kohl, mascara, eye liner, nail paint, lip gloss, etc. Do not forget that cleansing toning and moisturizing are an important routine for skin care that should be followed daily. Have a healthy and beautiful skin!

Sree Naveen