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A Guide To Nail Care

Nails are an important part of your hand but is often neglected and not given the care it deserves. By taking proper care of your nails, you can improve the look and feel of your nails. Well kept hands with clean and healthy nails are good to behold, while poorly kept nails will make your hand look dirty. Here are some tips for taking care of your nails:

1. When you need to trim your nails, it’s best to do it after a shower or after soaking the hands in water for some time. After soaking they become more pliable and easy to cut without cracking. If you don’t have enough time, you can skip soaking the nails before cutting.

2. When you are done with trimming your nails, use a cuticle stick and give a gentle push back to the cuticle. Don’t worry, this shall not hurt. If your cuticles are cracking, skip this step. In this case, put a dab of cuticle oil on them after you take your shower for quick healing.

3. Nothing looks worse than a chipped nail polish. Wear clear polish to get a smooth and shiny feel for your nails. If you notice some peeling, reapply the polish on your nails. But it is also important to give your nails a break from nail polish from time to time. You can apply a nail hardening polish, which if applied daily will help to harden your nails and prevent them from chipping.

4. Nails get dehydrated just like skin, and more so if you use nail polish remover on a daily basis. When you are applying moisturizer on your face or body, apply a bit to your nails too.

5. Limit your use of remover to not more than once a week. Buy the acetone- free variety as acetone dries nails.

6. It is also important to keep your fingernails dry and clean. This shall prevent the growth of fungi, bacteria and other organisms under your fingernails. For protection, wear cotton- lined rubber gloves when washing dishes or using harsh chemicals.

7. If you have weak or brittle fingernails, nutritional supplement, biotin, can help strengthen them.

8. To harden soft nails, soak them in warm olive oil for 20 minutes on alternate days.

9. Consumption of organic silica, MSM and vitamin B will help fight brittle, dull or split nails.


1. Using your nails as tools to pick, poke and pry things.

2. Biting your nails or picking at your cuticles as they can cause damage to the nail bed. Even a minor cut along your finger nail can cause bacteria to enter and cause an infection.

3. Ignoring problems. If you are having some problem with your nails or cuticle that does not seem to go on it’s own, consult your doctor or dermatologist for help.

David Perkersen