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3 ways to make your hair thicker

Method one : Everyday Care to Promote Thicker Hair

1.  Select chemical-free hair products. Sometimes the main culprit that causes hair to narrow is the shampoo you use every day. Hair cleansers, conditioners, & styling products often contain chemicals that wear down the hair, dry it out & cause it to fall out more basically than healthy hair. Immediately improve the health of your hair by making the following changes in your bathroom:

Swap shampoo with sulfates for sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates are harsh cleansers that are effective at stripping away the oils in your hair. The issue is that without the protection of natural oils, hair gets basically damaged & frayed. Select a shampoo made with oils & natural cleansers that won’t be harsh for your hair.Handle your hair gently. Hair is soft & fragile, & if you are trying to grow it as thick as feasible, it is vital not to treat it roughly. Definite hair-handling habits may cause hair to fall out, break off, or fray. Change up your method in the following ways:

2.   Wash it less often. Washing your hair every day doesn’t give your scalp time to produce the natural oils that coat your hair & keep it healthy.

3.Cease using heat. Styling tools like hair dryers, straightening irons, & curling irons are hard on hair. Use them sparingly or forego them altogether. In the event you absolutely must straighten or curl your hair, try straightening without heat or using sponge rollers to curl it.

4.Let your hair be its natural self. Bleaching, highlighting & coloring your hair may cause it to fall out or become dry & brittle. Chemical straighteners & permanent curls are also damaging to your hair. Embrace your natural color & texture to promote hair growth & preserve the health of your hair.

5.Get regular trims. Trimming your hair gets rid of dull, damaged ends & adds new life & volume to your hair. Shorter cuts & layered cuts, , can make your hair appear to be thicker than it looks when it is long & untrimmed.

Method two : Lifestyle Changes to Help Hair Grow Thicker

1.Eat a nourishing diet. In case you have a diet devoid of essential nutrients, it shows in the volume & texture of your hair. Thick, voluminous hair depends on a healthy diet filled with vitamins & minerals that cause your hair to grow strong.

Eat omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fatty acids promote hair growth. Eat sardines, walnuts, avocados, & pumpkin seeds.

Eat spinach & other leafy greens to get vitamin C.

2.Protect your hair from environmental destroy. Everyday activities you don’t think two times about may be causing your hair to become brittle & narrow. Take the following measures to protect your hair from outside factors:

Keep it out of the sun. Direct sunlight can destroy your hair like it can destroy your skin. If you are out in the sun a lot, start wearing a hat or a scarf to keep your hair safe.

3.Relieve your stress. Stress from work, relatives issues, & any number of factors can take a physical toll that manifests as hair loss. Becoming aware of this issue can help you figure out how to eliminate the issue that might be causing your hair to narrow.

Method three : Treatment Options for Getting Thick Hair

1.Try a hair thickening product. Beauty stores sell a variety of serums, balms and other products designed to help hair grow thicker. Select which kind of product is best for you.

Growth-stimulating shampoos replace your normal shampoo with substances that are said to promote growth.

2.Get extensions or weaves. Adding volume to your hair could be as simple as going to the salon and paying for it. Extensions, weaves and clip-ins are a natural, effective option for getting thicker hair without having to wait.

3.Look in to getting hair transplants. Getting hair transplants involves having individual hair follicles surgically implanted in areas that are thinning or balding. This method is often expensive, but it can be effective. Research the treatment and talk with a doctor to select whether hair transplants might be the right treatment for you.

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