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3 tips to add extra appeal to your tank tops

By indulging in online apparel shopping, any girl can fill her wardrobe with dozens of tank tops these days. Of course, it would be advisable to have a more diverse wardrobe but even if you swear your loyalty only to a tank top, you cannot be blamed. Their coolness and casualness mixed with the apparent comfort make them extremely desirable amongst the current breed of women. Besides, they help you to look stylish and extremely suave. But if you have already donned the top each day of the month and are looking to experiment with your looks without changing your preferences, here are some style tips to help you out:

1.Wear a belt:

A belt, preferably a waist belt, can give that much-needed twist to your overall looks. Belts can be worn over the jeans as well but even if you are clad in a skirt (which goes extremely well with a tank top), you can add to the punk factor by encasing your waist in a thick belt. Belts of different colors are easily available these days just for the purpose. It would be advisable to choose a dark belt with a bright-colored top and a bright belt with a dull-colored top to highlight the contrast.

2.Tie a scarf:

Scarves will never go out of fashion and no matter how much the current era looks up to new trends, scarves keep emerging at every step of the decade. Scarves of different styles, designs, prints and colors can give your upper body extra attention. They are very appealing and apart from the fact that they can help you to change your looks, they are also often picked by girls who wish to cover up the cleavage area or hide the extra bone peeping through the neck.

3.Jacket it up:

Though you can always wear your skin with trendy tank tops during the summer season or during a stuffy afternoon, you can enhance your personality by teaming it up with a casual jacket during winter or during the evenings. This is one way to not just add flexibility to your appearance but also to cover up the arms if you have put on extra weight or to simply derive warmth if there is a nip in the air.

Tanu Mukharjee