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Your Body Shape As a Determinant for Choosing a Swimsuit

Summer’s just around the corner in some countries. And just when you thought it was safe to go back to the beach…

Well, we’re not going to talk here about experiencing a shark attack or something disastrous by the seashore. This article is about one of the things that many beachgoers dread, and that’s the part when they have to choose which swimsuit to wear while enjoying the three S’s of summer: sand, sun, and sea. There are those who make the mistake of wearing a certain bikini just because they saw their favorite celebrity strutting it on the beach. They forget to consider that different body types may require specific types of swimwear.

In this article, we’re breaking down the body shapes and parts and what specific swimsuit goes well with them. Here they are:

Wide shoulders – There are women who may look more masculine than feminine because of their wide shoulders. This of course can be an asset if you just know what particular outfits to put on. When it comes to swimwear, you’ll look fab in or out of the water in a one-piece with a tank-wrap top. Choose a dark color for the top and pair it with something light or bright on the bottom.

Large bust – Some women get into panic mode when choosing the right swimsuit to hide their big bust or at least draw the eyes of the beholder to some other body parts. If this is your concern, go for a suit with support, either a halter or a bra-shaped top with underwire. You’ll also get a dark color for your top and something light-colored for your bottom. Depending on your midsection, you can choose between a bikini and a full-piece suit.

Short legs – Choosing the right swimsuit has a lot to do with optical illusion and misdirection. If your legs are short, you can make them appear longer by donning a piece with a high-cut leg. When shopping, choose a suit that exposes your leg as much as it can.

Long torso – Ever hear of the term ‘tankini‘? Yes, there’s such a word. It sounds like a portmanteau word (a new word formed by combining two words) combining ‘tank‘ and ‘bikini,’ because it is. If you have a long torso, your aim is to make it look short. This is when a tankini can come in really helpful. Choose one that has an empire waistline (a waistline that’s raised above the natural waist). If you choose to get a two-piece, just make sure you keep the distance between the top and the bottom to a minimum.

Don’t make that plan of going to the beach make you cringe. If you know how to choose the right beach wear for your body type, you can rock that swimsuit whatever you do on, in, and around the water.

Shaan Berg