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Winter Bride Style Ideas

Winter weddings bring with them a whole new style apart from Autumn, Spring or Summer weddings. Winter is cold, but can be glittery and glamorous. The cold does not have to be dreary, and you can dazzle the season with yet another reason to celebrate once the winter holidays are over.

Strapless wedding dresses seem to be the most popular style among brides, but the cold weather does not mean you have to shy away from them completely. Use a sophisticated lace cover-up to throw over your shoulders. This way, your shoulders are not bare against the cold while still looking beautiful, fashionable, and match the winter tone. Another classy idea are evening gloves. Revive some of that retro look and keep your hands, wrists and forearms warm as well! When it comes to shoes, strappy sandals just won’t do due to the cold and possibility of snow or other inclement weather. A classic pump will work with any dress style, or you can opt for a pep-toe instead of a completely open sandal. When it comes to winter weddings, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. There are plenty of chic options that give you more coverage and keep you warmer throughout your special day.

When it comes to accents, whether it be your bridesmaids’ dresses or the bits of flair incorporated in your wedding decor, silvers and golds always give that dreamy, wintry feel. Silver mimics the glittering of ice and freshly fallen snow while gold compliments the pale weather. You can clad your bridesmaids in silver, gold, or jewel-toned dresses. You can also opt to give the bridal party silver or gold accessories, such as matching clutches, bracelets or dress accents to add that wintry shimmer to your wedding. And don’t discount accessories for the bride, either! A satin, sequined or rhinestone studded clutch will do nicely with any dress. If you do not decide to go with elegant gloves, you can always sport some sterling silver cocktail jewelry, whether it’s a conversation cocktail ring or sparkling bracelet. Classic, more understated silver or gold jewelry also fits the winter theme and is appropriate for any style wedding during any time of the year.

Raise the spirits of winter and don’t be afraid to celebrate your special day during this time of year. Winter is a time for the earth to rest to bloom for summer, share the same sentiments for your future marriage. Winter isn’t about death, it’s about the life that’s to come in the future seasons. Winter can be just as chic and dreamy as a wedding in any other season, and you can invoke the whimsical powers of this glittery season to glam up your winter wedding.

Crystal G.