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Why Use a Facial Serum?

For those who don’t really take the time out to take better care of their skin, soap and water is usually a common solution. For those with a little bit more discipline, moisturizers, toners and cleansers are an integral part of their routine. But for those who truly know what’s best for their skin, facial serum is considered as an essential part of their daily regimen.

What exactly is facial serum, and what does it do for your skin? Basically, facial serum covers what your regular moisturizer doesn’t. Moisturizers often stay at the skin’s surface, hydrating only the outer layers of your skin. Facial serum however, is extremely concentrated and has smaller molecules, giving it the ability to reach farther into your skin. It treats your skin from the inside out, often focusing on a specific concern such as aging or acne. This is often sealed in by applying a moisturizer over it, making sure that the skin has been thoroughly cleaned before applying any of it on your skin.

Face serum however, is slightly more expensive compared to other skin care products. In reality though, only a little is necessary to cover the entire face. Because its ingredients are usually potent enough, only a few drops are needed to cover an entire area each time you use it. This makes it highly practical to use regardless of the price. It gives you the ability to stretch an entire supply over a longer period of time, without sacrificing the efficiency and potency of the active ingredients.

Considering the great benefits, adding it to your daily skin regimen could well be worth it. The only key here is choosing the brand that fits your skin well. Find out what type of skin you have, and what ingredients work well with it. Always choose organic ingredients to keep your skin’s healing process as natural as possible. These ingredients should be able to bring out the best in your skin, and should give your skin the natural glow that it should have. Try Astaxanthin as a main ingredient, and see the big difference. The H. Maloha Bionutrient Face Serum takes advantage of the wonderful antioxidant properties of this marine pigment, helping you minimize the wrinkles, fine lines and other visible signs of aging. Proven to be 6,000 times stronger than Vitamin C and 550 times more potent than Green Tea, Astaxanthin is your best bet in keeping your skin as fresh as possible.

Jeans Dave