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Why Fake Nails For Nail Biters

Nail biting, which results in brittle, ugly looking nails, is often a problem for many women, which is why fake nails for nail biters is among the more innovative concepts to hit the market recently.  If you have been known to succumb to nail biting, you will most probably have weak looking and uneven nails, which are also subject to discoloration. Brittle nails on the other hand, can also be caused by a variety of factors. You may have a nutrition problem, or your body may lack iron or zinc. Using nail polish or other cosmetics for the nails can also cause them to become thinner and more prone to breaking. Finally, nail biting is one of the more common causes of fragile and ugly-looking nails.

Thankfully, you can now have beautiful looking nails, even when frequent nail biting has ruined the appearance of your nails. Fake nails for nail biters are definitely a welcome alternative, especially since these fake nails are already available in a number of salons and nail spas. Offered in a wide array of styles and designs, these nails can be made from fiberglass, acrylic, gel, linen or fiber wraps. If you are searching for the more durable type of nails, you can opt for fiberglass nails.

Since these nails are available in a variety of styles, make sure you pick the ones ideal for your taste. Typically, a special type of nail glue is used in order to attach the fake nails into your real nails. Make sure that you follow the right directions when applying the nail glue, since these types of glue can be really sticky. Once you have placed the fake nail and the glue has dried, you may choose to varnish the nail or add more designs. Putting on fake nails of nail biters can be pretty easy, as long as the right materials are prepared beforehand and the needed instructions are followed.