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What you should know about Time Share

It seems that these days, anytime someone mentions vacation, you will hear somewhere within their conversation talk about a timeshare. It would seem that this is a very great thing from all of the positive talk, but you may be wandering exactly what is a time share? If you are not sure exactly what this is, you may be a little apprehensive about ever looking into purchasing one. However, this could be one of the best investments that you ever make if you love to travel and want to spend less money when you do. In fact, learning the answer to the question what is a time share, could completely change the way you think about vacation.

So, what is a time share? It is actually quite simple to explain what this is. Imagine a piece of real estate property located in Orlando, Florida. It has a large total price and it is for sale on the market. This would make a perfect vacation home and is located right on the beach. Instead of selling this property straight out, the owner decides that he will split the property up into shares. He will break down the price into 52 equal shares of one week each. This means that the people who buy a timeshare of this property, will be allowed to use it as their own for one week out of every year. This example should answer the basic question- what is a time share?

While a simple question like what is a time share, deserves a simple answer, this can be a very complicated explanation when it comes to price. Yes, you will be paying a portion of the total cost to get a piece of the property, in a sense. However, you will also have to pay upkeep and maintenance charges each year as well. The people who own one week shares of this property will most likely never use any of their time there mowing the lawn or making necessary repairs to the property. Therefore, someone, usually the original property owner, will have to arrange to keep the property maintained throughout the year. This is not free, of course, and can add more money to the total price. Once the initial purchase is made, there will be fees associated with the property each year to keep it maintained.

Now, when you hear people talking about a time share or asking the question, what is a time share, you will have a general understanding. Owning a timeshare can be a very rewarding thing if you like to travel. There are some people who own several timeshares and use them at will or even rent their shares to someone else who is interested. It is not uncommon for a group of individuals to purchase a share and share it amongst themselves either. So, what is a time share? This is a share of time in a prime vacation spot that could be one of the best investments ever made.

Cookie Maxwell