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What Hair Stylists Can Do For You

If you feel like you need a makeover, hair stylists can do much to transform you into a new-and-improved version of yourself. Sure, plastic surgeons can work their magic as well; but after a skilled beautician has a go at you, there’s a good chance you won’t need a nip and tuck any longer. After having a great cut, style, color, and conditioning treatment, you might not recognize that gorgeous person looking back at you from the mirror.


Talented hair stylists’ scissors can transform a lackluster look into one that turns heads. That’s right; the way a few snips frames your face, and accentuates your good points while minimizing your facial flaws can be downright astounding. For example, a feathered cut at just the right length can draw attention away from flaws such as excessively wide jaw lines or droopy necks. If you have gorgeous eyes, the scissors can snip to frame them so that they are more noticeable than ever. The proportions of your face, body, and haircut must work together, as well. If you are a large-boned individual, you don’t want to wear a pixie or crew-cut or your hairdo may get lost in your overall appearance. If you are a tiny, small-boned person, wearing your tresses too long or puffy can dwarf the rest of you.


Hair stylists can also curl, blow dry, or straighten your locks to make them appear their most flattering. Talented cosmetologists are also usually more than happy to teach their clients how to recreate the hairdo at home. These artisans want you to look good between salon visits, too.


Color matters: make sure your tresses have enough light and dark hues in them. At the salon, you can have all over color, add lowlights, highlights, or try a weave. Your dye specialist will make sure your tone is right for your complexion. For example if you have a rosy complexion, you don’t want to have too much gold in your strands or it will begin to look brassy. If your locks are turning gray, your beautician can help you decide whether to play up the graying strands or hide them. It really depends on your personal preferences as well as several other factors.


Keeping your mane in tiptop condition is another service hair stylists can offer to you. You might have a great cut, cool style, and awesome color but if your strands are dried out, frizzy, limp, or fried, you aren’t going to look your best. There are plenty of beauty products on the market today that can transform you.

Hair stylists aren’t magicians but they sure can make a world of difference in your appearance. By using their tools of the trade instead of magic wands, they can have you looking like a new man or woman. An hour or two in the salon chair can transform your look.

Anna Woodward