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What Color Is Your Pedicure Polish?

We tend to think long and hard about what we do to our fingernails, but put much less time into considering what color to paint our toenails. Yet seeing a happy bolt of color on our toenails is a happy treat when we take off our shoes at the end of a long day.

Your toenail polish can follow whatever the color trend of the moment is, or you can go in a different direction entirely. You can decide to go against the trend and you don’t have to match your toenails to your fingernails. “Anything goes” is the new anthem.

If you get a pedicure in Vancouver, you’ll find that nail experts are up on the latest trends. Perhaps you have a favorite color that you want to stick with, or perhaps you want to try out a new color. A nail professional can help you break out of a design rut and get you to consider new shades and options.

The perfect pedicure starts with gentle foot care and ends with a shade of nail polish. Unless the rest of your feet look good, your polish won’t look good, so be sure to have the nail tech take care of your calluses and other unsightly concerns. Even a bold color of polish can’t distract your eyes from ragged cuticles or scaly skin.

If you don’t like change, at least consider changing your shade color slightly depending upon the season. Some women enjoy going with cooler shades in the coldest months and switch to warmer shades for warmer months.
Some women like to take the opposite approach and put sunny, joyful shades of polish on their toenails during the coldest months. The idea of color therapy is that a fun shade will help get you out of the winter doldrums. You’ll feel a little boost every time you see your toes.

Red is always sophisticated, and shades of pink are perfect for colorphobes. Beiges look great on everyone.

For extra glitz and glamour, use two different colors of polish on your toenails. You can have more fun with two shades than with one, so don’t be afraid to spice things up a bit. You can get creative when you get a pedicure.

Jennie Li