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Welcome Winter, Farewell Dry Hair!

I’ve consistently had particularly dry hair. The frequent usage of hair dryers clearly doesn’t improve the situation. Making it worse are the drying side effects of winter time’s air. Along with the inescapable home heating, we have now the best formula for dried out, fragile hair! Hence, I’ve recently been searching for the perfect strategies and techniques to help keep my hair well-moisturized during the winter weather.

Tip 1: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Condition your locks every week with hair conditioners made with glycerin or various other humectants. Humectants lock in the moisture in your hair, preventing the dryness due to wintertime, heating systems, as well as blow drying. I myself prepare my very own moisturizing cream and spray with vegetable glycerin mixed together with coconut oil. Nevertheless there are various wonderful beauty products and hair conditioners that you can purchase which will serve the exact same purpose, in addition to being tailored to specific hair types. Hot oil treatments also do a highly effective job of returning its hydration and shine to dried out locks.

Tip 2: Swap your styling gel for a cream

Styling lotions are frequently a much better alternative for styling your hair all through the winter months when compared to styling gels. They have a tendency to increase the hair’s moisture, thereby making it far more supple, which can help limit drying out as well as damage.

Tip 3: Stay away from hair products with high alcohol content

Alcohol has a likelihood to dry out your hair and even leave it fragile and dull. It is, for that reason, extremely essential to steer clear of styling products with an elevated level of alcohol in the course of the winter season. In addition, it is suggested to stay away from rubbing fragrance and perfumes straight onto your hair, because they likewise have elevated alcohol levels.

Tip 4: Decrease hair dryer use

Blow dryers are infamous for drying out your hair. It is actually suggested to generally minimize their use; however this is particularly true for the duration of the winter time. A great way to decrease the period of time your damp hair stays under a blow dryer would be to first of all make sure you blot out your hair with a bath towel to get rid of the maximum amount of water. After that, use your hair dryer to complete the task, ceasing the instant your hair is no longer wet.

Tip 5: Use all-natural hair shampoos

All-natural hair products are now widespread. Organic hair shampoos may be particularly kind to your hair in the course of the harsh winter season. Using organic products such as Shea butter, which also happens to be excellent for the skin, can do marvels for even the driest, most damaged locks, and is popular amongst a lot of pro hair stylists like Jamal Hammadi.

Tip 6: Protective styling

Finger combing and hair twirling, as enticing and attractive as they often are, tend not to do your hair any good. In actuality, never-ending manipulating of the hair will only suck the moisture from it. Use protective styles similar to the top knot, braids, or any other hair styles that effectively protect your hair from your own self! This will also make it easier to stop your hair from drying out.

I hope that, using these helpful recommendations, you will weather the severeness of the cold months of winter and maintain your hair hydrated and strong until the beautiful spring season.

Kelly Diabagate