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Wedding Makeup for Dark Complexions and Dark Eyes

The Right Makeup for Brides with Dark Complexions and Dark Eyes…

By the time your wedding day arrives you probably have a pretty good idea of what colors look good on you when it comes to eye shadow and lipstick. But just in case you are one of those girls who don’t bother with much more than mascara and lip gloss on a daily basis but want to step it up a notch for your wedding, here are a few tips on how to be a more polished and glamorous you-not Chuckles that clown in drag.

*Foundation is meant to even out the color and tone of your skin-not paint on a new one. If your skin is very dark, you might need to select a shade lighter than your actual skin. Use a light, oil-free product that glides on effortlessly. And remember that less is more. A little goes a long way.
*Brows are meant to be left in their natural state-not plucked away and then painted on. Just neaten them up and let them follow their natural line. If you need to, fill in the spaces by smudging with a brow pencil the same color as your brows.

*Cream blush is best for all skin types and colors. Cream goes on more evenly, stays in place and doesn’t fade. Darker complexions generally do better with peaches and corals. Apply sparingly and blend well. Remember… Chuckles lives under the big top.
*Eye shadow colors most suitable are browns and tans as well as copper and gold tones. A great way to make your eyes appear brighter and larger is to apply a bit of gold shadow on the inside corners of your eyes. If a bit more color is what you have in mind, pinks also work well on people with dark skin. And since this is a special occasion, a light dusting of shimmer on your just under the brow will give you a bit of extra glow. Be careful, though, too much glitter reflects off the flash of the photographer’s camera.
*Eyeliner and mascara should be black and WATERPROOF. Liner is applied in a fine line on both upper and lower lash lines and mascara applied to curled lashes; a layer of lengthening and a layer of lash-thickening to top lashes and a single layer of lengthening to the lower lashes.
*Glossy, kissable lips in reds, burgundies or coffee colors look best. Be sure to line your lips to avoid ‘bleeding’ and do a double take in the mirror just before you go to meet your groom to make sure your teeth aren’t wearing any of it.
*Finish off with a blotting paper. Loose powder is optional, but when applied lightly, sets everything in place.

Lia Bens