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Water Activities People Most Enjoy While On The Beach

A vacation to the beach offers fun in so many ways. You can have fun in restaurants, bars, and clubs on the beach. There are games to be played on the sand like sand volleyball, Frisbee, and games for kids.

If you hit the beaches at just the right time of year, you’re bound to be present for some of coolest sand art contests ever. Even though the sand offers an array of activities, no matter what your age, the water is the real place for fun while on your beach vacation.

Snorkeling is one of the easiest and most exciting water activities in any vacation area. This activity involves swimming along the water’s surface, with a diving mask, a snorkel, fins, and sometimes a wet suit if the water is colder. Snorkeling allows the swimmer to observe underwater life without the use of scuba training or equipment. This is a fun activity to enjoy with children of all ages. Swimmers are usually taken to local reefs to observe the fish and other underwater creatures in their natural habitats.

Scuba diving is the advanced version of snorkeling. Scuba diving involves underwater swimming with oxygen tanks, fins, a wet suit, and a diving mask. To go scuba diving, you have to be certified. This certification will teach you the dos and don’ts of diving and show the basics. Like snorkeling, scuba diving allows the divers to view the underwater world in its own natural habitat. Unlike snorkeling, scuba diving allows the diver to go deeper in the water. The further down the divers go, the more creatures and water life the diver will be able to see. More advanced scuba diving classes teach divers to dive at night, search and recovery, photography, and rescue diving.

Another fun activity for water goers is Stand Up Paddle boarding. Stand Up Paddle boarding is done with a surf board and a paddle or an oar. This sport was once used by surf instructors to take pictures of their students. Now days, Stand Up Paddle boarding is done by vacation goers and people who live on the beach. The paddling is done exactly as it is on a boat. The rider puts the oar or paddle into the water in front of them, pulls it through the water till it reaches behind the rider. Then the rider pulls the paddle out of the water and switches sides if necessary. Be sure you’re clear on whether or not you need a floatation device while on your paddle board. New laws have been put in place in different countries and states and some places now require riders wear floatation vests.

Another favorite activity of beach goers is riding jet skis. Most jet skis seat two people, although some newer models are capable of seating three, two adults and one child. Life jackets are required by all who ride the jet skis, no matter what age. Riding jet skis is more fun than you can imagine, but make sure you’re at least 16 years old or with an adult or you won’t be able to partake of the fun. These are the rules because most jet skis go up to 40 mph. No matter what age you are or what you like to do, there’s something for everyone in the waters off the beach of your nearest vacation spot.