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Want to Look Younger? You Should Know About Retinol

In the last couple of years one buzz word among people interested in anti-aging is “Retinol”. It is actually more than a buzz word, it seems to be an important point of interest for anti-aging because it seems that Retinol has a beneficial effect on our skin and slows down or erases the sign of anti-aging. Does it really work? Let’s explore a few facts about this vitamin to help you understand better if and how Retinol can help us.

What is Retinol?

Retinol is a variety of Vitamin A, a fat-soluble antioxidant. Naturally Retinol is found in fish oil and liver and helps reducing free radicals known as causing cancer. Retinol also helps cell growth improving the overall skin look. For anti-aging purposes it is best used as a cream. It can also be taken internally in which cases the right dosage must be used or it can become toxic.

Retinol usage

Retinol was used initially as an acne treatment. The anti-aging results were noticed by the acne sufferers as photo-aging damage and wrinkles were noticeable reduced. The conclusion was that using a Retinol based product with enough Retinol to produce these effects the skin can benefit tremendously in terms of anti aging as well as the overall skin health. Yours skin can become softer, firmer, age spots and wrinkles are not that visible anymore, fine lines can disappear in only weeks, faster skin cell regeneration will result in a healthier skin tone.

Why does Retinol work?

Its effectiveness is based on Retinol’s capacity to be absorbed by our bodies into the skins deep layer containing Elastin and collagen. Elastin ensures the skin elasticity while collagen has a completely opposite effect providing skins firmness. The natural balance results in a nice, firm and smooth skin. Following puberty our bodies don’t produce Elastin anymore so Retinol can provide a natural boost maintaining skins elasticity.

What else will Retinol do for you?

Beside all the health benefits mentioned so far Retinol improves skin cell growth and supports damaged skin cell regeneration. The skin gets damaged usually because of sun exposure but newer factors such as pollution and smoking are also important sources of skin problems.

Using a Revitol based skin product is a great way to fight your anti aging problems. Recent developed products containing Retinol such as the less known but highly regarded Kollagen Intensiv already gain new customers at an incredible pace as they prove (clinically in the labs and practically by the customers) very effective in fighting fine lines, wrinkles, photo aging. After trying other entirely ineffective anti-aging products the time has come to get some satisfaction!

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