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Want a Bigger Chest – Try Twice a Day Training

If you have been around bodybuilding for a while, you probably know the rules.

By rules I am talking about how often you should train, how long your training sessions should be, etc.

Rules are great, but sometimes, when your muscle growth slows, you need to take a step back and try something new.

Even if it means breaking all of the so-called bodybuilding rules.

Below I am going to lay out a twice a day chest blast program that will shock your chest into new growth.

Please be advised that I only recommend this routine if you have been training for two years and have developed a solid base, if not skip this routine.


The morning part of this routine will be based around two movements, incline barbell presses and chest dips.

I chose these two exercises because while they are safer than traditional flat benches, you can still use heavy weights on them.

For these two movements you will be doing the classic 5×5 program-that is five sets of five reps per set for a total of twenty-five reps.

Take as much time in between sets as needed-no need to rush.


Even though you want to use as much weight as possible on these exercises, please do not to forget to perform ALL reps in perfect form-remember the last thing you want is an injury.


Ideally you want to finish the above workout in the early morning, get some protein and carbs in post-workout and then take a nap to re-charge for the evening session.

However, I do realize that most of us (me included) cannot do that, so try and get the morning session in as early as possible and then make sure you get a solid post-workout feeding in and then get all of your meals in leading up to the evening workout.


The evening working is not geared towards strength; it is more geared towards the pump.

The two exercises you will be using are push-ups and flat bench pull-overs-done in super set fashion-which simply means the exercises are to be done back-to-back with as little rest between the two exercises as possible.

For these two exercises you are not looking to push them to the limit, meaning do not go to failure on either of them.


For the push-ups, I know this sounds silly, but respect them.

Do them in good form-you can get hurt with them if you do them in sloppy form.

For the pull-overs, do them SLOW and in control, get a good stretch.

As far as sets, start with only two and work up to doing 5 or 6 solid sets.


Two workouts in one day is a brutal way to train-especially two workouts for the same body part.

So for the next couple of days after this chest blast, make sure you take in plenty of protein and good clean carbs and healthy fats.

After all this chest program was meant to shock your chest into new growth, so please make sure to fuel your body accordingly


This chest specialization program is perfect for the bodybuilder who has been training for years and has seen his chest development go stale.

If this sounds like you, do the above workout twice per week for two or three weeks and some new chest growth might just be the reward you get for all of your hard work.

Eric Duval