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Visit The Most Versatile Destination of Indonesia

There are many destinations in the world that would offer you fabulous holiday spots, but if you want to go for a holiday in Indonesia, then there is no better option than visiting Sumatra. The place is simply as beautiful as heaven and allows you to live different shades of a holiday. The surf camp in Sumatra offers you the most thrilling water sports that could take adventure to next level. You can surf on wild, high tides for hours beneath the bright shinning sun and can play many other water sports such as water scooty, snorkeling, para gliding and many more. From the aspect of adventure, no other place will let you experience beach sports and river rafting together. Yes, this place also offer you the most thrilling route for river rafting that will let you raft through the most diverse forest of Sumatra.

Apart from the adventurous aspect, the another color this destination let you mix in is romance. If you are planning a honey moon or holiday with your beloved, then you must visit this place as it offers many shades of romance and love. It is mostly famous for the natural beauty and the mesmerizing sunset. The breathtaking views will let you explore a world that you have ever fantasized. You can enjoy the bonfire at night on the beach and can trek through the green jungles of Sumatra. Other than this, you can also enjoy with the tribal people and can gel up in their tradition for a while.

Another best thing about Sumatra is its luxurious accommodations in Krui and its wide variety of delicious cuisines. For the food and wine lovers, this is going to be their favorite place. This destination allows you to taste the most unique sea food and all varieties of western food. These different shades of surf camp in Sumatra has made it most favorite place of the tourists in Indonesia and the Sumatra holiday packages are high in demand these days.