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Variants of Nail Salon Services

Manicures are not only for esthetics. This treatment is also needed to maintain hygiene and healthy nails. Nail salons in Tampa offer several variants of manicures which should cater to esthetics, hygiene, or both. Here are some of the more well known treatments:

  • Paraffin Wax Manicure

Dry, cracked, and brittle nails are treated with this type of manicure. Special warm wax is used and you dip your hands in it to moisturize the skin and the nails. Some nail salons wrap your hands with Cling Warp for a few minutes to seal in the wax while some don’t. Both methods are just as effective.

  • American Manicure

It is a natural type of manicure that uses no chemical or artificial paints or polish. In this treatment the nails are shaped into different shape. It uses sharp tools so extra care should be taken during this treatment.

  • French Tip

This is now a very popular manicure in all nail salons. Nails with white tips is the signature esthetic of a French manicure. The nails are shaped round or square and clear nail polish is used for finishing. Ladies who prefer neutral and light nails prefer this.

  • Hot stone manicure
 This is a mixed manicure treatment. It involves a hand massage and application of hot stone therapy. Nail salons recommend this for clients with dry skin or those with arthritis. It is highly therapeutic and promotes better blood circulation. One can opt to have colored or neutral nail polishes.
  • Essential Oil Manicure

This is closely similar to paraffin manicures but essential oils (like peppermint or coco butter) and a gel is applied to the hands and nails to moisturize everything. This is good for treating calloused hands.

  • Nail Extension Manicure

Fake nails are placed over your shorter nails and secured with a special adhesive. This is more for esthetics, obviously.

  • Nail Art Manicure

Japan is the pioneer of digital nail art but some nail salons design the nails by hand. Standard cleaning and nail care is done before the application of nail polish. It’s a fun and funky way to jazz up your look.

Keeping nails healthy at home:

– Dip nails in olive oil if they are dry and cracked. Keep them soaked for about 10 minutes for the next 3 days.

– Do not buff nails too often. Buffing them once a week should do the trick to keep them nice and polished.

– Do not cut nails too short. This dried the skin around your nails at a faster rate.

– Go to a professional nail salon for treating hang nails and ingrown. Do not attempt to pull them out if you don’t have the right tools and skills to do so.

Melanie Libatique