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Use the right hair brush for your hair

The crowning glory of a men or women is the hair. Because of this, it just deserves to be properly treated in order to maintain its health and keep it looking beautiful. The hair can really make a big impact on other individuals and you don’t like to be described unclean and messy at the back of other people’s head just for having a messy look with that messy hair. It does not require much effort when it comes to keeping tidy and beautiful hair, you will just have to use hairbrushes and accessories that maintain your hair. In the market , you’ll get find a wide variety of brushes and combs that are made up of high quality material. Another thing, you must use hair grooming products . Ladies would require different hair accessories for different hair styling and they would be using different grooming products to get the look of hair they want. Moreover, most of them don’t mind about the cost of visiting the salon to have their hair treated or fixed.

Also, you must know when it comes to maintaining your hair, it begins in the inside . Having the right tools for your hair and knowing how to use them correctly is one of the secret’s to having beautiful hair. By choosing the right hair brush makes a major difference not only for your style, but also for your hair health. There’s more to brush shopping than you can think. Not only you must consider what type of bristles you must prefer – Nylon or synthetic -but you have decide what type of brush will best suit your hair type and styling preferences. Once you determine which types of bristles suits you the best, you will have to determine what size and type of brush will help you to achieve the style you want.

Types of Hair Brush

Paddle Hair Brush – It is a wide, flat Hair Brush generally with a rectangular base that is appropriate for virtually any type of hair. It’s main purpose is to detangle and remove loose or previously shed hairs. It is also good for smoothing long straight hair.

Vented Brushes – Such hair brushes have vents cut in their bodies . The idea is the warm air through the hair dryer will pass through holes and get into hair itself more quickly, thereby decreasing drying time.

Round barrel brushes – It is the most commonly used styling tools as it allows you to roll your hair around brush and essentially set it in a curl. There are mainly two types -Ceramic barrels and those with metallic barrel. Metal barrels are considered better as it heats up as if you are heating a roller. Therefore, it makes the blow dry last longer if you have fine hair. But if you have medium and thick hair, that’s when ceramic brushes are absolutely beneficial.

Square brushes – This type of brushes are sometimes used in the same manner as round brushes – to blow out hair and create a wave at the end. The difference is that with square brushes, each corner creates a slight resistance as you twirl the brush, which means it grips better.

Teasing brushes – It have short and long bristles that catch the hair as you brush it up the shaft. They’re used to create volume and achieve that unmistakable teased look.

Alisha Jain