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True Causes of Pimples and Blackheads

Pimples are very common in young people during their teenage years. This condition, which is also known as acne, is clearly due to certain hormone changes with the body. It is particularly prevalent during early adolescence, from twelve to sixteen years of age, and is more likely to occur in those who have an oil skin. In the early stage, a blackhead may come block the outlet of an oil gland within the skin. This is not a serious problem, for it leaves no permanent effect.

Effect of Diet on Skin

Acne is not caused by diet, but certain food definitely aggravates this condition, especially in some people. Rich foods, such as nuts, ice cream, fatty meats, and excessive amounts of sugar, all seem to aggravate this condition. Certain drugs, such as those containing bromides and iodides, may also play a part in some people. It is thought that natural oil in the body during the teenage years is responsible for the formation of pimples. People who suffer from acne have sebaceous glands that produce too much oil. The extra oil blocks the pores and causes breakouts. The blockage of excess oil also creates a good environment for acne bacteria to thrive. Thus, too much oil in diet which enters the body is one of the major causes of acne.

Some girls develop one or two pimples just before menstruation. This only last a day or two and are of no consequence. But when acne continues over months or years, it’s very distressing, especially to a young woman. And something should definitely be done to clear up the condition. Nervous tension due to family trouble may also play a part in continuing this difficult problem. Even in its mildest form, acne usually persists for a year or more until the hormone system of the body has become fully adjusted.

Cure for Pimples and Blackheads

Keep the skin clean through washing two or three times a daily with a good soap. Some slightly abrasive soap will help to eliminate blackheads, but it should be used with care, particularly if the skin is inflamed. For blackheads, this should be done. Warm moist towel applied to the face for ten or fifteen minutes before the treatment will make the removal of blackheads easier. If pus has formed under the skin, be careful not to open the pimple until it’s ready to drain. Squeezing and pinching of the skin may extend the inflammation and delay healing and may also cause scarring of the skin. For mild infections for the face, apply white lotion once or twice daily, gently rubbing the solution into the skin. There are many good commercial preparations that may also be tried. Another simple ointment can readily be. Made up is: resorcinol 1.8gm, precipitated sulphur 3.0gm, hydropealic ointment enough to make 60gm. Apply this to the affected areas once or twice daily. Hydrocortisone lotions are also helpful, especially when combined with neomycin sulphate. Hot compresses applied once or twice daily will help to relieve the inflammation. Acne is always worse during the colder months. Exposure to sunlight has proved beneficial, but this should not be overdone. Moderate doses of sunshine are best.

Diet for Pimple Cure

Avoid oil rich foods, excessive amounts of sugar, and particularly highly sweetened drinks. Extra vitamin A should be added to the diet. Also, include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Since people don’t like adding enough fruits and vegetables in their diet, a lot of people out here have to deal with skin problems including acne. Thus, you should try to replace fried and oily foods with healthy natural fruits and vegetables. Try to sleep at least eight hours night. Avoid all nervous stain, and follow the principles of good living as far as possible, for these are essential to health.

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