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Tours To Moscow-the jewel of the Eurasian nation

Moscow is the capital of Russia and the jewel of the Eurasian nation. The city is huge, with a booming nightlife, world famous architecture and numerous places to visit. After 830 years of existence, the city has many remnants of its imperial and Soviet past. To describe it best, describes Moscow as ‘a historical graffiti wall – those who have come and gone all left their mark – sometimes on top of those of their predecessors.’ Steeped in history and home to almost twenty million people, guided group tours to Moscow have always garnered many curious travelers.

The city is home to the Red Square, where one can see one of the most famous pieces of architecture n the world- St Basil’s Cathedral. Travel over the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky bridge and absorb the history of Balchug street. Take a trip down Stalinist Russia and its lingering surrealism by visiting Patriarshy Prudiy. You can feed the pigeons by the statue of the father of Russian literature, Alexander Pushkin in Pushkin Square. Moscow is home to numerous historical landmarks. If one is more culturally inclined, Moscow is also home to the Tretyakov Gallery, where you can view the most priceless of Russian art, the Bolshoi Theater – a classic venue for ballet and other performance arts, or visit the many author-house museums, which preserve the personal effects of Russia’s literary greats. For the more adventurous, visit the interactive Cosmonaut Museum and witness feats in space technology and exploration.

Moscow’s nightlife is just as vibrant, if expensive. Thanks to the numerous fashion models that call the city home, growing music scene and excess leisure time, Moscow has become a hub for high end nightclubs. Most clubs are open 24 hours and, though phenomenally expensive, offer the average clubber a huge variety to choose from in terms of music and crowd. If you want a great view of the city while enjoying a few drinks, you can visit the 02 Lounge, located at the base of Tverskaya Ulitsa, and treat yourself to a panoramic view of the Kremlin. The city also has numerous casinos scattered across it, all who adhere to international gambling rules.

Moscow is a marriage between two worlds- one steeped in a history of cultural evolution and political revolution and the other, pure elitist decadence. The city is a reflection of past USSR as well as modern day Russia which is what makes the city so special. All guided tours to Moscow promise to provide an enriching experience for everyone.