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Top Tips for Dressing for Success at Every Occasion

Fashion in this day and age can be something of a paradox, and it can be even harder to get it right when dressing for specific occasions. Whether you’re going for a night out with friends or a glamorous cocktail party, a client meeting or a job interview there are a couple tricks of the trade that you can use to get it right.

To help you on your way to making killer impressions at the work place, during client meetings, cocktail events, and nights out on the town, I’ve rounded up the top 8 tips for dressing for success. Make these a part of your rule book when planning to make an impression and you can’t go wrong!

1) As a rule of thumb, know your audience and dress slightly above their code of dress. You want to blend in just enough but stand out at the same time.

2) Keep it simple and classy for formal events and trendy for casual events.

3) In all things think: Classy not trashy

4) Wear something that you will be comfortable in. If you can’t sit down for fear of the zipper opening, the waist digging in, or too many insightful rolls of chub shining through then don’t wear it.

5) Use colours to express yourself. If you are at a formal event and you are presenting, consider wearing red, as it projects an air of confidence and power.

6) Keep jewellery classy and to the minimum for formal events, interviews, and meetings, but feel free to showcase that prized piece of diamond jewellery for dazzling evening events. When it comes to gala evening parties choose the more glittery men’s and women’s diamond jewellery pieces and when it comes to formal events, chose the more simple but classy pieces.

7) Stay up to date with the latest fashion and cater it to your specific body type.

8) Give yourself enough time to prepare for an event. That way you don’t have to compromise on your dressing just to fit the time that you have left.

Don’t forget that confidence and a smile are your best adornments! When dressing for success with your audience, whatever the occasion, you have to work within the paradigm of people judging you by your outward appearance. While it has been said that beauty comes from within, in this day and age it is not enough to be impeccable in your manner and mismatched in your dress. The two must go hand in hand, or in other words: Dress to impress! Dressing right is your first card out on the table. The people you are meeting don’t know you, your personality, your love for Chelsea and dislike for Manchester, or what you prefer to do on a Friday night, but they can see what you are wearing. Appearances are everything when making a first impression and you only get one chance at that!

Ben Steve