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Top 6 Most Visited National Parks

Every year millions of tourers are visiting national parks, but the most difficult part of planning is that excursion may be choosing a park destination from numerous choices. An overview of the top six most visited National Parks for the year 2013 is the right place to start narrowing down the choices.

Great Smoky Mountains

The United States National Park is located in the midst of some of the oldest mountains on the planet earth. It is one of the most visited parks that draw more than nine million visitors a year. Clouds obscure a valley in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The park has been contrived as a United Nations International Biosphere Reserve, because of its rich diversity of animal life and plant. Tourists from across the world visit the park to relish the amazing beauty of the mountain and catch a glimpse of one of the 1,500 bears. One can enjoy several activities here including camping, hiking, auto touring and more.

Grand Canyon

More than four million tourers visit this geological masterpiece each year and please their eyes with one of the true wonders of the world. Ninety percent of tourers first take the view of the canyon from the south rim, but one can avoid the crowd by driving to the cool evergreen forests of the North Rim or hiking the park’s many trails. One can enjoy several activities in the park, in which the most popular is continues walking the rim trails, the Colorado River below as light and shadows create an ever-changing landscape, and watching the canyon walls.


From more than a century and a half this park is attracting visitors from the every corner of globe. Tourists can reach to Yosemite National Park by numerous ways including bust, motorcycle, automobile, horse and stagecoach. The timeless beauty and environment of waterfalls is explored by over three million tourers each year. With the mesmerizing beauty of waterfalls, rock formations and cliffs, along with and a wide variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, snow sports in the winter and water sports in the summer.


America’s oldest national park is a wonderland of thousands of hydro-thermal features. Yellowstone National Park is home of about 300 geysers and of course the most popular across the world. The park is also home to incredible wildlife including grazing bison, cruising trumpeter swans etc. and houses rugged beauty. Its vast green forests include unique plant species. The largest and most popular mega fauna located in the Continental United States. One can enjoy numerous activities including camping, hiking, fishing, boating and sightseeing. Numerous visitors come to the place every year, especially during winters to access the park as well as waterfalls and lakes via paved road.

Rocky Mountain

In the year 1915, Woodrow Wilson established the Rocky Mountain National Park, which is known for its amazing natural beauty and stunning mountain views. The park contains 450 miles of streams and 150 lakes, as well as ecosystems ranging from wetlands to pine forests to montane areas to alpine tundra. The main attraction of Rocky Mountain Park in Colorado is sweeping vistas. It is home of a wide variety of animals inhabit the park, including elk, beaver and bighorn sheep, as well as many bird species.

Grand Teton

Grand Teton National Park is filled with pure and natural beauty. The striking park is spread in about 310,000 acres, and most popular for its stunning mountain scenery and abundant wildlife. One can relish the beauty of the park around the year, but autumn brings vibrant color to the valley. Schwabacher Landing is the famous viewing point in the park to see the peaks of the Teton Range.

These all six parks are easily accessible by air, train and road. You can plan your vacation and book plane or train tickets.

Shaly Criston