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Top 4 Secrets to Having a Healthy Skin Glow

Nevertheless, a secret to looking good is something that most overlook even if they stare at it on the mirror: the skin. With a flawless complexion, you may notice how easily you attract second glances from the people you meet.

Why is this so? Because it isn’t everyday you get to see someone with such a pleasant, healthy glow about them. If you want to achieve a radiant glow, it often pays to visit trusted beauty salons once in a while and undergo a variety of professional skincare treatments. Aside from that, beauty experts may likely advise you to do the following to retain your youthful glow:

#1 Quit Smoking

When the government warns you that cigarette smoking is dangerous, they’re certainly not kidding. Not only does this vice affect your lungs, it also contributes to the deterioration of your skin. Typically, smoke damages elastin and collagen, fibers that give your skin elasticity and strength. Plus, it narrows the blood vessels on the outermost layer of your skin, ultimately depriving the said parts of nutrients and oxygen that are essential for them to look healthy.

With smoking playing a role in making you look old and wrinkled, you now have more reasons to quit the habit.

#2 Eat Healthy

True beauty comes from within, and it certainly does. Indeed, if your goal is to look good, you can work toward that objective by putting only healthy food choices on your plate. Whole grains, fruits, lean proteins, vegetables – these should be your allies in bringing back your healthy look.

Even though there hasn’t been a study that conclusively established the connection between skin blemishes (say acne) and a healthy diet, a few medical researches seem to suggest that people who consume more vitamin C and less of processed carbohydrates and fats tend to have younger-looking skin.

#3 Keep Away from the Sun

Age spots, wrinkles, and skin cancer – these are just some of the things that prolonged exposure to the sun brings. Although this sad fact may take the fun out of your upcoming plan to hit the beach, we’re not saying that you cancel your trip entirely.

If you’re about to enjoy a mix of sun, sea, and sand, beauty and medical experts recommend that you put on sunscreen – one that has an SPF of at least 15. Plus, try to wear protective clothing, meaning pieces that cover a large area of skin. No, we’re not talking about your jacket.

#4 Be Gentle on Your Skin

To do just that, you may have to ditch that strong soap you use since such a product can strip your skin’s natural oil. In addition, limit your bath time since taking too long on the hot shower can remove oil from your skin, leaving it dry. And before we forget, do moisturize because a bit of moisture can be beneficial to your external appearance.

Aside from these, you might want to undergo professional skin treatment, especially those designed to eliminate common skin blemishes that just don’t seem to get tired of bugging you.

Karen Gonzales