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Tips to Help You Choose The Right Earrings

There is a wide variety of earrings in the market. When selecting earrings for yourself, you should consider a few important things, such as your face type, hairstyle and wardrobe.

No authentically ethnic attire would ever be complete without a set of Indian earrings. Even though modish style of earring and western designs can be paired well with Indian outfits, nothing makes an ethnic attire blossom and shine quite like a pair of ethnic earrings.

These days, plenty of online retailers sell Indian earrings and such websites have become quite credible as well. However, you still need to mind a few factors when buying earrings online.

The occasion

The choice of earrings depends largely on the occasion you wish to attend. For example, for the wedding of a sibling, you would need flashier, heavier and prettier earrings though something a little subdued would do for weddings of people that aren’t related to you.

For religious celebrations and festivities, the heaviness of your outfit should dictate how loud your earrings should be. For daily use, always opt for small earrings if they are heavily detailed and if your earrings are large, they should be on the minimal side. Indian earrings are available in different types, including studs, clip-on, hoops, danglers and chandelier earrings. You should always consider your face shape when buying earrings.

Your marital status and age

An unwritten rule in Indian dressing is that a married woman needs to dress up well while an unmarried woman or girls or a widowed women need to refrain from wearing very elaborate pieces. Age is another important factor as heavier and more elaborate pieces are not recommended for girls younger than 16-18 and women older than 55 and one should remember this when selecting a particular piece.

How heavy can you go?

Earrings can be rather heavy. This means that while an elaborate dangler may look awesome in theory, it can really hurt your earlobe when you wear it. You should look out for the manufacturer’s description and find the weight of an individual piece when shopping for earrings online. To test the weight of an earring that you have found on a website, wear a single earring and hang others from it till they reach the net weight of the piece you have selected.

To match or not to match

Earrings with stonework that matches your attire look fabulous and part of the set. However, this same factor also limits their use too. Hence, buying a very experience earring that matches just one outfit can be a mistake if you are on a budget. Also, remember that the tone of the metal used in an earring should not be in conflict with the hardware and detailing on the outfit(s) that you plan on wearing it with.