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There Is A Handbag To Compliment Every Body Shape

A handbag is “just” a fashion accessory, but it can work wonders to compliment your body shape by accentuating what you want to accentuate, and hiding what you want to hide on your body. A handbag has an almost magical ability of drawing the attention to any part of the body that it hits.

For example, a woman wanting to show off her slim waist will pick a model with shoulder straps that allow the bottom of the bag to hit her waist. A woman who wants to flaunt her cleavage, will pick a model with short straps that lie right under the armpit.

There are two key words when it comes to choosing the perfect bag: proportion and contrast! Remember these when looking for a handbag that will complete your outfit in a best possible way!

As a rule of thumb, a bag should lie in the middle of a woman’s torso. If it hangs too low or too high, it will look awkward. If you have large hips, you would want to avoid the models that have long handles, because a bag that sits right on your hips will add additional volume to that area. If you have a large bust, and want to draw the attention away from that area, then you want a bag that hangs lower.

A bag size should be in proportion to your body: if your handbag is too big, it will overwhelm you, and if it’s too small it will make you look bigger. If you are corpulent, look for a classic structured bag and avoid the trendy slouchy models. Conversely, if you lack curves, a handbag with softer lines that visually smooths out your stern, angular features will suit you best.

Short women are advised to wear models with longer straps; if they’re also plus-size, an elongated, silky clutch or a tall rectangular tote with long straps is the right choice. Very petite women should stay away from very large bags; a model that hits your leg will visually elongate you. For very tall women, a miniature evening bag or pouch is an unfortunate choice; a tote bag with longer handles is a better option.

A handbag is so much more than a cute way to carry around your necessities! Besides being the easiest way to make a fashion statement, inject some personality in your daily styling, and adopt the latest, or more difficult and edgiest trends without giving your entire wardrobe a makeover, a handbag can be the best friend or the worst enemy of your body shape.

Use this to your advantage when choosing your next handbag: pay special attention to its size, length, and shape! There is nothing that can make you more put together than a right bag!

Anita Bern