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The Secrecy Behind Fast Swimming

Why do you need to swim fast?

Swimming is undoubtedly, the best exercise for our body. Most of us do it to relax our body and mind, and also to stay fit. Speed does not matter, but for the professional swimmers it does!

There are various ways to swim faster. Most of us think that, if we move our arms faster, our speed shall automatically increase. But unfortunately it is not true! There are certain techniques that can give better results. Professional swimmers have a definite technique and pattern. Without a plan or pattern, a swimmer can never find his ability.

Do you have the Intensity?

Swimming needs a lot of stamina and patience. It is not at all easy to learn swimming and to master the sport at once. You need focus and immense intensity. The process may use up a lot of energy and yet give you limited progress. Hence, you need to have a certain technique and should act accordingly.

Fighting the waters and moving forward is never an easy task. Most of the times, you may find yourself moving backwards with the water currents in spite of your repeated efforts. Here, you must not give up and must try with a specific strategy in your mind. The trainers always start with these techniques so that the energy is not wasted.

You do not have to kick hard always! Only an effective kick is enough to make you progress forward. The timing must be perfect. Also there is a limit of extending your legs in water. If you try to extend your legs too much, it will result in a drag and will cut your energy.

Your knees should not bend too much while performing the strokes. To master this technique, beginners often prefer to use artificial fins. This gives them an idea of the angle they should bent while kicking.

Keep your head stable! Breathing is the most important aspect during a swim. You need to check your head’s position accurately to time your breathing to perfection. If you move your head continuously out of the water to breathe, you shall be dragging your body, which will slow you down.

Practice makes you a perfect swimmer. It is important to know the technique. But if you do not practice them, it is of no use. So it is mandatory for every aspiring swimmer to practice long hours and learn the tricks to the core. A swimming instructor will help you accelerate the learning process.

Leow Tze Sheng