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The Right Lipstick for Your Personal Style

Everyone’s looks are different and what may look good on one person might not be good on someone else. The first way to find out which shade of lipstick best suits your features is to simply try on different shades. The most common shades of lipstick are pink and red as they look good on all most tones and compliment the majority of outfits and styles. Just remember that the shade you choose should have some diversity with what you wearing. If you wear the same shade of dress with the same shade of lipstick it can look overwhelming and poorly matched.

However, if you’re not sure about matching a particular shade of lipstick with what the clothes you’re wearing, use only a little lipstick so you can lessen any potentially unwise choice.  Sometimes a ‘less is more’ approach is the best method.

Before you choose a lipstick it is best to define your own personal skin quality so you can match it in a tasteful manner accordingly. This can range from identifying your skin as ‘light skinned’, ‘medium complexion’ or ‘dark skinned’.

If you have light skin it is generally seen as good practice to use dark reds that contain traces of pink so that it creates a contrast between being very light and very dark. Medium tone skin is ideal for more direct colours like solid reds and pinks as they will not accentuate the dark or light tones in your face, keeping for an attractive middle-ground.

Darker skin colours are best suited to red lipsticks that contain burgundy and brown undertones because they match your natural complexion without contrasting too sharply with light tones. The one shade of lipstick that is generally considered universal in its appeal of beauty are classic red lipsticks which have become synonymous with glamour.

Before you commit to buying any particular lipstick be sure to try it on first, as you can never tell how a lipstick will look by just viewing the box. You really need to be able to see for yourself in the light of day how a lipstick looks. One factor of lipstick shopping that may sound obvious but is still ignored by many shoppers is not removing one shade before trying on another. Mixing shades together will never give an accurate impression of what you’re buying. Most high street store staff let you try on lipstick brands and even offer lipstick removal lotion. Feel free to ask employees for their opinion of which shade best compliments your looks. It’s always useful to get a second opinion.

Liam Brennan