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The Possible Harm of Laser Skin Whitening

Achieving perfect skin attracts many people to the world of skin lightening procedures. The most effective laser treatments undoubtedly lead to healthier skin complexions among individuals who need some help. Better skin may come at a cost to some people, and others will never achieve it. Laser treatments actually prevent good skin development in people who have adverse reactions to the procedures. There are plenty of possible harms associated with laser whitening. Harms range from minor discomforts to major issues.

Allergic Reactions

It’s always possible that someone who chooses laser skin whitening procedures will experience allergic reactions to the lasers. Lasers usually utilize chemical compounds to bleach the skin. These bleaching agents can irritate the skin enough that swelling, bruising, and other problems can occur. The facial skin can become more sensitive to the touch from laser treatments. Even if the skin looks better in the end, the irritation may not be worthwhile. You will need to weigh the advantages of skin lightening with the possibility of an allergic response by your body.

Sun Sensitivity 

Some people who undergo laser treatments for the whitening of their skin report that the sun affects their faces more after the procedures. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can penetrate more deeply due to the weakened state of the cells in the skin. Burning from the sun, sun sports, and even sun poisoning can become real possibilities. If you live in a warm and sunny climate, you will need to apply generous amounts of a quality sunscreen to prevent damage to your skin. This rule generally applies to all people, but it becomes especially important for laser treatment patients.

 Skin Disease Aggravation
Laser treatments can also cause existing skin conditions to increase in their scope and effects on the individual. Acne is one condition that lasers aggravate. Many acne sufferers report more breakouts after a laser treatment. Eczema is another condition that has heightened symptoms after laser skin treatments. While the skin may appear healthier on the surface, these treatments can cause underlying conditions to flare up even more than they did in the past.

Spotty Coloring 

Even if the treatments are successful, there are no guarantees that you’ll get the skin you want everywhere on your face. It’s easily possible that the laser will leave uneven spots on your face. For some unfortunate patients, their skin actually ends up looking worse when they are done with treatments. Some of these spots can be irreversible. If you have darker skin tones, you may be better off leaving your skin the way it is and seeking alternative methods of treatment. Lasers tend to have worse side effects for people with darker colors of skin.

Laser skin whitening does offer an awesome opportunity for people who want better skin. At the same time, there are real risks and dangers that should be considered. Some of the risks may be less visible in the immediate future following the procedures, but problems can always occur later. Check with a doctor to see if your skin is right for laser whitening.

Diana Chin