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The Importance of Maintaining Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the ultimate in which to gain the long, glossy hair you’ve always dreamed of without having to wait months for your natural hair to grow. However, when contemplating hair extensions, it is important to remember that your extensions are not just an indulgence, but an investment and so in order to keep them looking great for as long as possible, they must be provided with the required level of maintenance.

Just as your natural hair needs a little TLC, the same can be said for your hair extensions. Your chosen salon will provide you with aftercare tips after your application and depending on your chosen brand of extensions, will provide you with a specially designed aftercare goody bag. Maintaining your hair extensions is relatively easy and by following the below tips, not only will your hair great for as long as possible, but you will also save money as with correct care, your extensions will last much longer.

Your hair extension maintenance is all about proper cleansing, conditioning and styling and in order to do these correctly, it is advisable to invest in the appropriate products for your extension brand. There are also a number of specially designed brushes you can purchase in order to protect both your natural hair and your extensions during every day grooming and styling.

Washing Your Extensions:
Following your hair extension application, you will be advised to refrain from washing your hair for 48 hours. This measure is to ensure that the bonds are able to set fully as washing your hair so soon afterwards may cause them to become weak and fall out. If you decide to use specially designed shampoo for your extensions, always follow the instructions given and refrain from being vigorous with your hair when washing. Be gently as possible to help lessen the pressure on your bonds which could cause them to fall out sooner than intended. Refrain from washing your hair daily, instead washing it just a few times a week. As most modern brands of extensions rely on bonds for attachment, the extensions cannot benefit from the natural oils in your hair for moisture. For this reason, it is advisable to always use a conditioner when washing your hair to stop your extensions from becoming dry or prone to damage.

Drying Your Extensions:
After washing your hair, refrain from towel drying in a vigorous, scrubbing manner. Instead, utilise your towel to blot and absorb the water from your hair and the extensions. When drying with a hairdryer, start from the bond as they are at their most vulnerable when wet, and work your way down the hair. Always keep your dryer at a cool or warm temperature and ensure to thoroughly dry your hair.

Styling Your Extensions:
If you have invested in Great Lengths hair extensions, you can purchase one of their specially made, flat headed, soft bristle brushes which are specially designed to be gently to your extensions. When brushing, do this in small sections, starting from the bonds, working down towards the ends of the hair and never brush or comb in between the bond and your natural hair. One of the main advantages of investing in natural hair extensions is that they can be styled and treated just like your own hair. Due to this, you are free to use your styling products and equipment to create a wide variety of looks. By adding a heat protection product to your hair before styling, you can help it to remain strong and smooth no matter what style your hair may be in, but never apply these directly onto you bonds.

Investing in hair extensions can be costly but by choosing the right salon for you, it is a worthwhile investment. However, once your stylist has applied your extensions, it is up to you to maintain this investment and give your hair the care it needs in order to remain looking beautifully glamorous.

Suzanne McNicholas