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The Basics Of Foundation Makeup

When we start to build a house or any infrastructure, we try to make the foundation as sturdy as possible. We try to make it as firm and as steady as possible, no cracks or imperfections because it will be the base of everything we will build. Likewise, the key to having a great make-up is having a great foundation. But even though we already know this, a lot of people still make mistakes when applying the right makeup foundation.

It’s happened to everyone. You got the wrong color which made your face a shade or two lighter or darker than your neck. You’ve gotten it wrong in blending making your face look cakey. However, once you know how to choose the right color and blending style, I’m sure you can overcome the challenge and flawless skin will be with you always.

Foundation allows you to have a black canvas to add in your make-up. For oily-skin, avoid oil-based foundation as it will only make your skin look shiny. Go for ones that have powder particles to keep excess oil at bay. For those with dry skin, there are right makeup foundations that have moisturizers. For those blessed with non-oily or not-dry skin, any formulation will do. A lot of manufacturers are now offering liquid foundation. It’s advised that you go for this because it’s quite easy to blend and sticks to your face giving you a good coverage.

Now we go to colors. Asians, tan and dark-skinned people should go for yellow tones while those with fairer skin should go for pink tones. One test you could do is to brush the right makeup foundation on your jawline and check if it blends in to your natural color then it’s the one for you.

During application, right makeup foundation with different bases are applied in different ways. For oily-skinned foundations, you should apply it fast because it dries up quickly. For normal skin, it depends on the formulation you’re using, just check the directions on your product. For those with dry skin, remember that a little amount can cover your whole face so be watchful when applying it.

Arden Handson