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The 5 Most Common Makeup Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Orange face, white neck. Brown neck, pink face. We all know
someone with no perception of how her make-up really looks
on her own face. She’s sweet, really sweet. But she’s a
joke in your circle of friends. Oh, no. It isn’t you, is it?

Well, even if you don’t wear “clown makeup,” chances are
you’re making some mistakes with your makeup. Take stock
to be sure that you don’t fall into any of the makeup traps

Mismatched Foundation

Your foundation should not be a different color from the
rest of your body. Really, it shouldn’t. This is an easy
problem to fix. March yourself down to the make-up counter
at your favorite department store and let the salesperson
do her job. It’s her job, after all. Don’t be intimidated,
you don’t need to buy the whole product line.

Blue Eye shadow

Blue eye shadow works for some people. Little girls in
dance recitals. Guests at 1970s-themed parties. Ethereal
looking supermodels. If you aren’t one of the
aforementioned people then don’t wear it. Enough said.

Dark Circles Under Eyes/Obvious Under Eye Concealer

This is a chicken or egg problem. You’re right, the
circles aren’t great. But neither are orange crescents
under your eyes. Play around with a few shades of
concealer to see what really works best for you.

Different products work differently on different people.
Just because one brand works for your friend, doesn’t
mean it’ll be flattering on you. Make sure you’re
getting enough sleep and talk to your doctor. Sometimes
those circles are a sign of allergies or a vitamin

Obvious Lip liner

This is a look. It’s just not a flattering one. Lip
liner is intended to add dimension to thin or small
lips, to lengthen the wear of your lip color and to
prevent your lipstick from “bleeding” onto your face.
It is not intended to create a visible outline.

Inferior products in your dressing area

Most of us are not starlets with dressing rooms and
make-up artists at our disposal. But that doesn’t mean
we don’t deserve to look like starlets with dressing
rooms and make-up artists. Invest in good lighting
around your vanity. Stock it with quality make-up
brushes and limit your make-up collection to products
you’ll actually use. That way, your budget can be used
to buy better cosmetics.

You’re worth it

Add a couple of extra minutes, a wee bit more effort
and a little money into your daily makeup routine. It’s
not vain to spend a few dollars on or a few minutes at
your vanity. Put on your prettiest smile, bat your
beautiful lashes and show the world that you like who
you are.

Put your best face forward… you don’t have to hide
behind crow’s feet and lip lines…

Allison Saunders