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Taking Care of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be either synthetic or made from real human hair. In both cases, maintaining them properly is essential, so you should take your time when it comes to taking care of your extensions. If all your extensions are made from 100-percent natural hair, you will notice that they react just like real hair. This means that you can maintain them as you do with your own hair.

How to wash your hair extensions?

Always wash your extensions with as much care as possible, either once a week or every three days for oily hair. Massage from the scalp to the tips while holding your head back, and never do it in reverse. You should always rinse your hair with your head back. It is true that this can be tedious, but essentially it remains the gentlest way to rub between the scalp and the fixation point.

Do not apply oil or care treatment on the attachment points. You do not need to make any particular changes, as you can maintain your regular habits and wash your hair with the same frequency. The only thing that you should definitely avoid is a cheap shampoo, as it can ruin natural hair, let alone your extensions.

How to dry your extensions?

After the washing and rinsing process is complete, squeeze your hair up with a towel. Preferably use a flat brush and keep the dryer at about twenty centimeters from your scalp. Keep your hair with the hand at mid-length, then gently brush, starting with the spikes and climb gradually to the roots of your own hair. You can also use a big comb from the mid-length to ends. The hair dryer should not go anywhere near the attachment points.

How to style the hair?

If you have the habit of brushing your hair regularly, there is no reason to stop doing this once you have hair extensions. Try to brush your hair well before going to bed. This will prevent extensions from tangling near the scalp. If your hair is long, tie it before going to bed, so it does not tangle while sleeping. You can use the same styling tools you did before. With some types of synthetic extensions you will need to be more careful, so you should talk to your stylist about that.

Coloring your hair

It is recommended to leave the coloring of hair with extensions to a professional stylist, in order to obtain the most desired results, especially if you are interested in getting a uniform color. You can ask the stylist to add highlights in your hair, just as you would do with your natural one.

Extra precautions

You will need to be careful when swimming in order to protect your hair extensions. If you swim without having your head covered, the life of the extensions may be shortened. This is especially true when it comes to pool water, because of all the chlorine in it. Wear a shower cap whenever you are at the pool or when you use the sauna or the steam room.

Simon Rousseau