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Sunscreen – A Necessity For Healthy Skin

We live in a society in which tanned skin is idolized. Not only teenagers preparing for prom, but also adults, desire to have perfectly tanned and crisp skin. To acquire this, they often spend long amounts in tanning booths, sunlight, and other forms of ultraviolet light, for extended periods of time.

Exposure to sunlight is necessary for good heath, however too much exposure can cause burning of the skin, resulting in painful, sensitive skin and possibly skin cancer. Choosing a good sunscreen will help prevent sunburn from occurring. First of all, what exactly is sunscreen? Sunscreen is a lotion-like product that filters the suns ultraviolet rays, reducing the damage done to the skin from overexposure. You will often see people applying this to themselves at beaches and swimming pools. This is a smart thing to because wearing sunscreen will allow longer exposure without burning.

Choosing a correct sunscreen is essential. Try to choose a sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) that is fairly high. The higher SPF sunscreen you purchase, the longer you can be exposed to sunlight without burning. Burning time is also influenced on the skin type of the applier, for example, if you burn easily, such as after twelve minutes of sun exposure, you will need to re-apply sunscreen more frequently than someone who burns after thirty minutes of exposure.

Sunscreen is also necessary during swimming and outdoor water sports. Do not make the mistake of believing that because you are submersed in water that you are granted automatic protection against sunburn. A waterproof sunscreen will protect you while submersed. However, you will need to exit the water and re-apply the sunscreen periodically, as the sunscreen’s potency will lower, even though it is designated “waterproof”.

Repeated sunburn has a high chance of leading to some form of skin illness or even cancer, which is why you must take steps now to prevent sunburn from occurring.

Zach Graham