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Style Lesson –Chic & Creative Ways to Wear a Scarf around Your Waist

A versatile fashion accessory that is loved by everyone is Scarf. In other words, I can say anyone would love to be ‘Scarf up’ their attire.  A scarf is one of the most convenient ways to make an outfit chick.  It adds a touch of color that quickly brings interest to your ensemble. They are excellent regardless of what age you are and what your body shape. They are so very flexible – you can use them around your waist, around your neck, on your head, and even on your bag.  Don’t limit yourself to just wearing a scarf around your neck, try wearing it around your waist. You can find a wide range of this versatile fashion accessory at scarf hub.

I believed it would be fun to discuss these efficient ways to wear a scarf around waist to show just how incredibly versatile this little accessory can be.

1.Wear a scarf toga

Use a long rectangle scarf in any fabric.

  • Fold the scarf in half lengthwise.
  • Place the center of the scarf behind your neck, with the ends falling on either side of your chest and waist.
  • Smooth the scarf down your sides.
  • Loop a small accessory belt around your clothing and the scarf. Secure the scarf in place with the belt.
  • Alternatively, you can throw the folded scarf over your shoulder. Use a belt to secure the scarf down your right side in back and in front.

2. Wear a scarf Belt

Make sure the scarf is thin and wider than the circumference of your waist by 6 inches (15cm).

  • Fold the scarf in half diagonally.
  • Roll the scarf together until the ends are wrapped up.
  • Thread the scarf through your belt loops. Tie it in front or off to the side.

3.Wear as a skirt or pareo

Grab a very large square scarf or a sarong.

  • Wrap the opposite sides around your waist.
  • Place both ends on one side of your hips.
  • Tie them tight until the skirt hangs at your hips. Tie a double knot to secure it.

Scarves are 100% functional and, unlike most accessories, there are countless ways to wear them. And, they do not discriminate; every culture, society and community has their own way of personalizing and utilizing what we call scarves. So use your creativity and keep adding more and more styles!

In present days, scarves are the much needed fashion accessory to glam up the style quotient.

Rebecca Joy