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Stocking Stuffers For Women

This holiday season, make sure you do not forget the women in your life. Friends, family, co-workers and even your mail carrier or local grocer are all deserving of a little something that lets them know you appreciate them. Here is a list of stocking stuffers and small gifts that are affordable for everyone you care about. You can combine all of these little gifts into a wonderful gift box as well!

Stocking stuffers for moms, aunts and grandmothers:

  1. Stationary such as blank note cards, monogrammed letterheads and envelopes
  2. A beautiful pen in a wooden box
  3. A warm pashmina scarf in their favorite color
  4. A leather cross-body handbag or roomy tote bag
  5. A personalized holiday ornament
  6. Candles
  7. A warm pair of gloves
  8. Fancy photo frames
  9. A box of fancy tea and an infuser
  10. A pair of wine stoppers, a corkscrew and a bottle of their favorite wine
  11. A beautiful brooch
  12. Specialty food items such as a block of fancy cheese, a bottle of French mustard, or a jar of European sea salt.
  13. A knitted tube scar

Stocking stuffers for tweens and teens:

  1. Nail polish in their favorite color and a manicure set
  2. Stickers
  3. Bright and colorful earrings
  4. A colorful envelope clutch that glitters
  5. A small makeup kit that includes clear lip gloss, translucent powder, a light pink blush and a neutral eye shadow palette
  6. Scented body lotion
  7. Fun socks in bright colors or patterns
  8. Hair accessories like headbands, hair pins, flowers and clips.
  9. Key chains with games hanging from the loop
  10. A cute coin purse
  11. Novelty bandages
  12. A belt with a statement buckle
  13. A funky statement necklace
  14. A sample set of different moisturizers and face cleansers

Stocking stuffers for friends and co-workers:

  1. Knit caps
  2. Ear warmers
  3. A bottle of linen spray in a fresh neutral scent such as citrus or cucumber
  4. A small box of luxury chocolates
  5. A leopard print chiffon scarf
  6. Cookie cutters in fun shapes
  7. A unique or funny coffee mug
  8. A bracelet making kit
  9. A jewel toned wallet
  10. Shot glasses with a tiny bottle of alcohol
  11. Wine charms
  12. A pocket mirror and clear lip gloss packed in a small makeup clutch
  13. A lovely pendant necklace
  14. An herb garden kit
  15. A clutch purse with crystals
  16. Specialty bars of soaps

This list is by no means complete or comprehensive. These are just a few ideas to help you shop for the perfect gift for the ladies in your life. Show your appreciation for them by choosing something that they will truly love and cherish.

Crystal G.